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Travis Browne Disappointed He Couldn’t Finish Broughton

Following his spectacular first-round, Superman punch knockout over Stefan Struve at UFC 130, Browne was beginning to pick up some hype in the heavyweight division. Saturday night against Rob Broughton, Hapa stalled that momentum.

He looked to be in another league from Broughton, who did little more than endure and occasionally threaten with punches, but he was still unable to finish the fight – much to his own dismay.

“I’m actually disappointed I didn’t finish him off,” said Browne. “He’s a really tough guy. For some reason I just couldn’t take him out.

“Since the Kongo fight I’ve been looking to finish off my opponents,” he elaborated. “I will say this, I beat Broughton at his own game. I took him down when I wanted to.”

In the final round, Browne was content to do just enough to keep ahead and ride his momentum to a decision victory. This drew boos from the crowd, which is something that Browne says he’s doing his best to avoid.

“I didn’t please the fans,” he said. “My belief is that anyone who gets in the cage with me is going to come out hurting. Joe Silva and Dana White are the best matchmakers in the business. I don’t come to the Octagon to play pattycake. I come in with bad intentions behind my punches.”