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“Rampage” Jackson Not A Sore Loser, Gives It Up For Jon Jones

Following his four-round beatdown at the hands and feet of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Rampage made no excuses and gave nothing but respect to the 24-year-old Bones.

He admitted that he was in the best shape of his life and that Jones beat him because the hype is real: the guy really is that good. Of course, softening the blow was the fact that Jackson pocketed a nice payday for his efforts.

“I’m not a sore loser,” said Jackson. “I thought I was going to be really upset and really mad, especially after Jones did exactly what he said he was gonna do: finish me and stuff. I haven’t been submitted since Sakuraba (at Pride 15 in 2001). It is what it is. I trained really hard, I can’t beat myself up. I’m just disappointed, I wanted to be my boxing coach’s first world champion. … Other than that man, I’m just happy ’cause I made a lot of money.”

Having now spent time in the cage with Jones and already having squared off against most of the division’s best, Rampage believes that Jones’ old training partner and new rival Rashad Evans may be the only man with even a shot at defeating the 205lbs. champion.

“I think Rashad is the only person to basically have a chance to beat him, because Rashad trained with him before so Rashad knows,” he said. “Other than Rashad I don’t see anybody beating this kid, straight up. I thought he was all hype, I’m keeping it real here, I thought he was all hype. The kid is tough, he’s very talented.”