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“UFC 135: Jones Vs. Rampage” Results

Welcome to’s live coverage of UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. As always, our live coverage of the main card is brought to you by UFC Internet Pay-Per-View on Yahoo! Sports.

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Now, on to the action! Remember to keep refreshing this page for the most up to date results.


James Te Huna vs. Ricardo Romero

Round 1: They touch gloves to start the first fight of the night. Romero immediately goes for the takedown; when Te Huna cracks him with a hard uppercut and drops him to his knees you can see why. Romero recovers, but continually dives for the takedown, giving Te Huna the opportunity to swat him with an uppercut while he’s hanging on to a leg. It puts him out immediately, but Te Huna gets in several more shots to seal the deal.

James Te Huna defeated Ricardo Romero via KO (punch) at :47 of round 1

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Cole Escovedo

Round 1: Mizugaki taking the fight to Escovedo here early, landing some nice shots while moving forward. Escovedo grabs the clinch against the fence and lands several nice knees before Mizugaki breaks and starts throwing hands again. Mizugaki with a good inside leg kick. Mizugaki moves in behind the punches, pressing Escovedo against the cage, but not before eating a knee to the gut. The two stalemate against the fence, with Mizugaki keeping Escovedo’s back on the fence. Mizugaki breaks briefly and lands some nice punches before getting Escovedo to the mat. Escovedo forces the scramble and almost takes a leg, but drives Mizugaki to his feet anyway. Mizugaki presses him back into the cage and Escovedo pulls guard, briefly threatening with a triangle before Mizugaki fights free. Escovedo gets the clinch and lands some nice knees. Mizugaki fighting back and landing good punches and elbows. Escovedo lands a hard elbow on the break, wobbling Mizugaki briefly. Mizugaki not backing down at all, landing some hard punches; he nails Escovedo with a hard body shot right before the bell. Close round. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: Mizugaki catches a kick and dumps Escovedo to the mat, but doesn’t follow him down. He tries the body punch again but misses. Mizugaki scores with series of punches. Mizugaki catches Escovedo with some good counter punches as he tries to move in. Mizugaki lands a good counter right hand off of a body kick thrown by Escovedo. Mizugaki working the body. Escovedo lands a slapping head kick but Mizugaki looks none the worse for the wear. Mizugaki lands a left to the body that makes Escovedo grimace. Mizugaki is really putting his punches together; he cracks Escovedo with a good counter left hook that sends Escovedo reeling across the canvas. He won’t follow him down though. Escovedo grabs the clinch and Mizugaki starts going to work, hammering Escovedo with punches from inside the phone booth. Mizugaki is wailing on Escovedo against the fence, but the Apache Kid is keeping to his feet so far, trying to hang onto the clinch. He wilts once under a barrage of punches, but pops back to his feet, only to be sent back down again. The ref calls it.

Takeya Mizugaki defeated Cole Escovedo via TKO (strikes) at 4:30 of round 2

Junior Assuncao vs. Eddie Yagin

Round 1: A minute passes and so far these two have bee content to feel each other out. Yagin counters on a lunging shot by Assuncao. Yagin tries to wade in on his longer opponent with a right hand but he misses. Assuncao drives for the takedown and gets Yagin down against the fence. Yagin threatens with the triangle, but Assuncao avoids. Yagin showing some nice defense from his back though. He eats a few hard shots before springing to his feet and landing a nice right hand. The action stalls and the crowd boos. Assuncao changes levels nicely to avoid a punch and puts Yagin back on the mat. Yagin tries to land elbows at the bell; the crowd boos. scores the round 10-9 for Assuncao

Round 2: Assuncao misses on some strikes and is then stuffed thoroughly on a takedown attempt; he barely avoids a knee by Yagin. Assuncao very hesitant to engage on the feet apparently and Yagin is having a hard time fighting his way inside. Assuncao drives for another takedown and briefly gets it against the cage; Assuncao shows some slick grappling in taking Yagin’s back, but Yagin shakes him off quickly and separates. Assuncao looks awkward in his stand-up and Yagin seems to be having a hard time figuring out how to get off. As a result, little more is happening at this point than the occasional leg kick by Assuncao. The crowd boos loudly. Assuncao drives for and gets the takedown. Yagin grabs the guillotine and it looks deep, but Assuncao shakes his finger and breaks out. Yagin gets to his feet. Mostly a staring contest until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Assuncao

Round 3: Assuncao lands a leg kick but drops for the takedown after Yagin throws a few hard counters. Yagin stuffs the takedown and briefly takes top position, but Assuncao ain’t having it and uses butterfly guard to fight to his feet. Assuncao drives for another takedown and presses Yagin into the fence. With Assuncao around his waist, Yagin takes a deep breath and drops for the guillotine, squeezing like a vice. Assuncao avoids again though and now has Yagin down with his back against the fence. Assuncao landing some ground and pound, a series of left hands. Assuncao is landing a torrent of blows on Yagin now. There’s still a minute to go and Yagin looks like he wants to be anywhere but here. Assunco is tiring some himself, but he keeps the stream of strikes going until the bell. scores the round 10-8 for Assuncao

Junior Assuncao defeated Eddie Yagin via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Tim Boetsch vs. Nick Ring

Round 1: Boetsch lands fist with a front kick. Ring catches his kick after a feeling out period and takes Boetsch down. Ring is holding Boetch in front headlock position, landing some knees to the shoulder. Ring lets Boetsch to his feet and serves him a few short punches on the way. Ring circling on the outside of the cage, while Boetsch chases him down. Ring catches another front kick but can’t get Boetsch down. He lands a good left hand. Boetsch lands a front kick and a right hand, but Ring gets out of the way. Boetsch lands a hard uppercut when he manages to pin Ring down for a second. scores the round 10-9 for Ring

Round 2: Ring throws a head kick, but it’s blocked. Ring with a quick front kick; after almost every shot he lands, he gets out of the way. Ring goes for the takedown and is stuffed, then eats a left hook. Boetsch is finding a way to cut the angle on Ring and he lands some hard punches against the fence. Ring with another blocked headkick. Ring goes down after eating a straight right but he immediately goes for the takedown and presses Boetsch into the fence. After throwing some wide knees, Ring gets scooped up and slammed to the mat by Boetsch. He immediately gets to his feet, but Boetsch drags him down with a guillotine. Ring survives and now has Boetsch on his back against the fence. Boetsch tries to get to his feet and he swallows a right hand for his trouble. Ring stays on him but Boetsch fights to his feet eventually. He cracks Ring with a left hand and then chases him down, nailing him with shots from the clinch and from the outside. Ring is hanging tough, but gets taken down with seconds left. Boetsch tries to complete the kimura, but the bell rings. scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Round 3: Ring throws a straight left and tries to grab hold of Boetsch, but Boetsch uses the clinch to land punches. Ring presses him into the fence and works knees, but the break shortly after. Boetsch delivers a hard right hand that stuns Ring and closes the distance, pressing him into the fence. Boetsch reverses, but the ref separates them before too long. Both men tiring, Ring is backing away and landing shots, occasionally stopping to oblige Boetsch in clinching. Boetsch gets Ring down against the fence. The ref warns to stand them up after a period of inactivity and then does. Boetsch hits a spectacular trip on a weary Ring and immediately takes side control, hammering Ring with elbows. He traps one of Rings arms and looks to go for the mounted crucifix, but Ring fights out. Boetsch takes mount though and keeps top position until the end, landing punches. scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Tim Boetsch defeated Nick Ring via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Tony Ferguson vs. Aaron Riley

Round 1: Riley comes out aggressive, getting right in Ferguson’s face. Riley looking to make this a dogfight, getting inside Ferguson’s range. Ferguson is keeping things tight though and looking to adjust. He lands two nice uppercuts, but eats a hard inside leg kick. He knocks Riley to the mat when he catches a high kick, but Riley pops right back up. Ferguson lands a hard one-two. Ferguson might have stung Riley with those, he’s finding his range, leading with a left uppercut. He pops Riley’s head up and puts him on his heels with an uppercut-right hand combo. Riley recovers, though he isn’t through the woods; Ferguson is stalking him down. Riley lands low on Ferguson, who gets pissed and rocks him with a right hand. Ferguson is beating Riley up now, his mouth is hanging open and bleeding, clearly damaged. Riley is fighting back, Ferguson is avoiding most all of his offense and landing hard to the face and body. Ferguson with a hard body kick. Ferguson ends the round by attempting a flying knee. scores the round 10-9 for Ferguson

Riley says that his jaw is broken and he can’t continue, the fight is stopped in between rounds. The crowd boos and Ferguson apologizes.

Tony Ferguson defeated Aaron Riley via TKO (broken jaw) after the first round


Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi

Mario Yamasaki will referee the first fight on the main card, which takes place in the lightweight division.

Round 1: Diaz touching Gomi with his jab. He sits Gomi down off of a straight left and avoids his heavy counters. Diaz working his range and taking his time. Gomi lands a good body shot, but Diaz counters with a solid right hook. Diaz lands a nice one-two and shows nice head movement in avoiding Gomi’s return attack. Diaz cracks Gomi with another one-two. Diaz is clearly loosening up, clowning Gomi while absolutely nailing him with punches. Gomi drops for the takedown but Diaz takes his back against the fence. Gomi gets to his feet and Diaz goes back to picking him apart with punches. Gomi gets him down and Diaz immediately rolls for a triangle. Gomi tries to slam him, but Diaz switches to an armbar and forces Gomi to tap.

Nate Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi via submission (armbar) at 4:27

Great showing by Diaz. He says he’s happy to get the win over one of his favorite fighters, giving Gomi a ton of respect. He shouts out to his brother and Jake Shields for his loss.

Travis Browne vs. Rob Broughton

Josh Rosenthal will ref this heavyweight contest.

Round 1: They touch gloves and Broughton takes the center. Browne whiffs on a big overhand right early. Browne moving nicely, looking to work his range. He misses on another right hand and they clinch, with Browne pressing Broughton against the fence. Broughton breaks free and almost eats a knee. Browne working his kicks, going both high and low with efficiency. Browne is dancing on the outside, while Broughton is just stalking him down. Broughton is having a hard time pinning Browne down. They trade hooks. Browne lands a hard left hook that sends Broughton reeling momentarily. He’s unable to capitalize and they go back to work from their feet. Browne takes Broughton down easily and slides into mount, where he lands a series of elbows. score the round 10-9 for Browne

Round 2: After a feeling out period, Browne lands first with a hard leg kick. Browne lands a solid body shot and then a leg kick. Browne keeps his balance when Broughton catches one of his kicks. The pace has slowed some and random boos begin. As soon as they do, Browne swarms with punches and backs Broughton into the fence. Once there, Browne lands some solid knees. Broughton tries to engage the clinch, but Browne throws him into the cage. They separate and Browne works a nice pair of hard leg kicks. Browne’s output has slowed some and he looks to have tired some. He hits a single leg again though and again lands in mount. Browne postures and lands a few punches before Broughton tries for the kimura. Browne avoids and pounds on him for it. scores the round 10-9 for Browne

Round 3: Broughton looks to be the fresher of the two; Browne’s step has slowed considerably. They trade right hands and Broughton briefly presses Browne into the fence. Browne hits an easy single and then smashes Broughton with a hard right hand. Browne sitting in half guard while Goldie and Rogan have a discourse on the state of British wrestling and wrestling’s place in MMA. Browne is warned and moves to take mount; Broughton is scrambling on the bottom, but Browne ends up in mount anyway. Broughton gets Browne back into guard by threatening with a kimura. Browne looks content to ride out a decision on top and the crowd boos him for it. Broughton works for the kimura, but Browne defends well and continues to hold top position. scores the round 10-9 for Browne

Travis Browne defeated Rob Broughton via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

An out-of-breath Browne credits Broughton’s toughness and size for tiring him out, not so much the altitude. Promises to come back stronger.

Ben Rothwell vs. Mark Hunt

Adam Martinez is the will oversee this heavyweight fight.

Round 1: Hunt gets off first with a left hook and then toros Rothwell when he shoots in for the takedown. Hunt lands another nice left hook. Rothwell starting to use his jab. Hunt working the outside of the cage. Rothwell clips him with a shot and then takes him down against the fence, immediately taking mount. Hunt escapes quickly but still has his back to the fence. Hunt gets to his feet though, showing nice technique. Rothwell tries again and Hunt stuffs him easily. Rothwell shoots again, Hunt misses an uppercut on the way in, but keeps Rothwell off of him. Hunt lands a nice hard right hand. He then lands a nice elbow and reverses Rothwell when he tries for a takedown, ending up on top. Rothwell gets to his feet and eventually gets Hunt down against the cage, landing some big elbows and bleeding on Hunt. scores the round 10-9 for Rothwell

Round 2: That was a close first round. They touch gloves and get set for the second round, Hunt taking some deep breaths from his mouth. Hunt stuffs a takedown easily and misses on a hard right uppercut counter. Hunt slams Rothwell’s leg with a kick. Another leg kick lands for Hunt. Rothwell lands two nice shots and presses forward, letting Hunt clip him from inside the phone booth. Hunt defends the takedown and then puts Rothwell on the mat against the fence. He starts in with some ground and pound, but Rothwell stalls him by trying to set up an armbar. Hunt lands some thudding elbows from the top position and is consistently peppering Rothwell with punches and elbows. Hunt takes side control after backing out of guard, he puts a knee on the belly and lands some hard shots. Rothwell scoots away but Hunt stays on him and takes mount again. As the round closes, Hunt tries for the armbar. Rotwell survives until the bell, both men are exhausted. scores the round 10-8 for Hunt

Round 3: Hunt looks to be the fresher of the two men here and he starts in with hard punches early. Hunt stuffs a takedown and then makes him pay with hard punches. Rothwell can barely stand and Hunt takes him down. Hunt is resting and Martinez stands them up. Rothwell is staggering forward after Hunt. He misses on several takedown attempts before Hunt holds him down against the fence. Rothwell gets up and Hunt cracks him with a thunderous right hand. Rothwell is so exhausted; it’s a wonder Hunt has finished this yet. He takes Rothwell down for some reason and starts to pound on him from side control. Martinez stands them up, pissing off Joe Rogan. Hunt lands some nice punches that clearly hurt Rothwell, but Hunt can’t finish. He goes for the takedown and is stuffed, with Rothwell taking mount at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Hunt

Mark Hunt defeated Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-27)

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck

Mario Yamasaki is in charge of the night’s co-main event, which goes down in the welterweight division.

Round 1: Hughes looking to work the jab early on. Koscheck wipes the right eye that Georges St-Pierre mangled late last year. Hughes is finding some success with the jab, but Koscheck backs him up with a punch combo. Hughes cracks Koscheck with a hard left hand. Hughes is working the left hand repeatedly. Hughes puts a nice uppercut behind that stiff jab, looking better on the feet than he has – possibly ever. Koscheck clips him with a left hook though. Good head movement shown by Hughes in the pocket and he avoids the takedown easily, hitting Koscheck with a knee before they break. Hughes with another left hook. Koscheck wobbles Hughes with an uppercut when he moves in for a takedown. Hughes is getting lit up now, but is somehow keeping to his feet, firing back. Koscheck knocks Hughes to the mat and hammers on him as the round winds down, knocking him out almost right at the bell.

Josh Koscheck defeated Matt Hughes via TKO (strikes) at 4:59 of round 1

Koscheck thanks Hughes for taking the fight, calling him a legend and saying that he’s proud to have had the opportunity to fight him.

An emotional Hughes says that he’s not retiring; he wants the UFC to put him on the shelf while he makes a decision.

Koscheck and Hughes hug after the interviews.


Jon Jones vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

For the UFC light heavyweight championship of the world

Josh Rosenthal is the referee for tonight’s main event, a battle for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Jones won’t give Jackson the eyes in the staredown.

Round 1: Jon Jones starts the fight crouching like Spider-Man and goes for the takedown before long. Jackson stuffs it but Jones turns him into the fence. Rampage turns him into the fence, but then Jones latches onto his neck and reverses him. He lands a hard elbow. Jones keeping Rampage pressed into the fence, but he breaks free. Jones flicks out a font kick. Jones hits a leg kick and then they clinch up. Jones tries to toss Rampage to the mat but he keeps to his feet. He chases Jones down with a flurry, but Jones keeps on the outside and lets go with kicks. He lands a kick to the knee that looks t have bothered Jackson. Jones is landing kicks at will, mostly to the legs. Jones clinches with Jackson and presses him into the cage. Jones throws the spinning elbow before letting Jackson to his feet. Rampage avoids the takedown and then whiffs on some hard-thrown punches. scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 2: Rampage takes to the center and starts taking kicks again while looking for his way in. Jones whiffs on the spinning elbow and Jackson ducks under it to look for the takedown. Jones defends. Jackson lands a nice leg kick. Jackson is looking like he’s feeling the effects of this fight already. He eats a straight right hand. Jones continues to get out of the way of his lunging punches. Jones continues to fire off the high kick and, even though Jackson is getting his hand up, that damage will add up. Jackson is growing hesitant and letting Jones time him. Jones lets go of a leg kick. Jackson lands a left hand but then gets kicked off balance. Jones with a spinning back kick. Another head kick. Rampage is starting to look like a deer in the headlights. Rampage is leaping in with the left hook, but Jones won’t have it. Rampage is slipping a good amount of Jones’ punches, but he’s not doing much aside from moving his head. They clinch and Jones drops for the triangle at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 3: Rampage throws a leg kick and it’s caught, but they don’t clinch for long. Another leg kick from Rampage and his follow-up hook comes closer than most anything else he’s thrown. Jones switches stance and throws a straight left, then lands another kick before taking Jackson down with ease and taking side control, then mount. Three minutes to go and Jackson is down against the fence. He eats a few elbows before bucking to his feet. Jones presses him against the fence; Rampage is bleeding. Jones is landing at will. Rampage tries to chase him down with power punches but Jones just slips out of the way, causing Jackson to crash into the cage. Jones with the flying knee. Jones lands a look-away right hand and then just walks after him. He drops for the takedown and dumps Rampage over him after the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Jones

Round 4: Jackson gets tagged by a lead left hook, but Jones misses on a follow-up kick and falls down, allowing Jackson to grab hold of him. Jones grabs his neck and drags him down against the cage, taking his back and slapping on the rear naked choke. Jackson taps.

Jackson gives Jones props in the middle of the cage, they exchange words.

Jon Jones defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:14 of round 4

Jones says that he worked harder than ever on his striking because Jackson insulted his power. He says that his coaches told him Jackson was breaking in the fourth round and to finish it then.

Jackson explains that he’s in the best shape of his life and that Jones is just that good. He thought he was just hype, but now takes his hat off to him. Says he doesn’t see anybody beating Jones anytime soon. He wants a rematch with Shogun in Japan. “I’m still gon’ get drunk tonight.”

Rashad Evans shows up and gives props to both fighters. Says he can’t wait to fight Jones. Jones says that he’s anticipating a lot of talk from Evans, but that he’s going to keep silent the whole time. Says he’s going to make Evans pay for “ruining his special night twice.”

That’s it from here folks, thanks for tuning in!