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Bob Arum Calls Out Dana White For Underpaying Fighters

UFC president Dana White has made very clear his feelings on longtime boxing promoter Bob Arum: he finds him to be a greedy old man who has helped to ruin the sport of boxing through his ignorance and self-serving business tactics.

But, responding to a public declaration made by White recently more or less to that effect, Bob Arum levied his own criticism in White’s direction.

“I don’t know where Dana is coming from, I never said anything bad about him,” Arum told Max Boxing’s Radio Rahim. “But Dana has to realize that because of the monopoly the UFC has, they pay their fighters maybe twenty percent of the proceeds that come in on a UFC fight and we pay fighters over 80-percent. So that’s the difference, I mean talk about giving back to the sport, when you pay your talent twenty percent and boxing promoters – myself and others – pay over eighty percent, who’s giving back to whom?”

Arum explained that he’s currently in the process of trying to get boxing back on network TV and that the push would have been made sooner if he financially mistreated his fighters as well.

“It’s very easy for Dana to say that (that boxing should offer free material through more available avenues than pay-per-view, “give back to the sport”) when his athletes get paid nothing,” he said. “Our athletes get paid but yeah, we’re negotiating now with a major network to do boxing in prime time on the network.”

Shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear Mr. White’s reply, so stay tuned folks.