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Jon Jones Admits, In A British Accent, To Planting Spy In Camp Rampage

Though Rampage Jackson today ostensibly outed the spy that he’s steadfastly claimed the Jon Jones camp had planted on his team, Jones himself has pointed to a different member of Team Rampage as the being turncoat.

But keep in mind that he did it while pretending to be British…

Jones appeared on 106.7 The Fan with MMANation’s Luke Thomas recently and admitted – again, while pretending to be a British man – that he had orchestrated the placing of a spy behind enemy lines.

“Well, you know, I’m British, so being a double agent is what we do,” he said, in a British accent. “So, it wasn’t a distraction. I simply got caught.”

Gentleman Bones told Thomas that he’d managed to coerce Jackson’s chef into feeding him information and has nothing left to do but admit to being caught red-handed.

“Yeah, he caught me. It was his chef,” said Jones. “Chef kinda put me out there a little bit. I’m comfortable with it, too late now.”

Of course, Jones’ story doesn’t jive with the report that former MusclePharm executive vice president Leonard K. Armenta was the spy, feeding information to Jones’ manager Malki Kawa, and was forced to resign from his position as a result. Intrigue.