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Brian Stann: After I Beat Them Both, I’d Love To See Silva Vs. Sonnen 2

Outlandish middleweight contender Chael Sonnen gave Anderson Silva the toughest fight of his championship career last year, beating on the champ for the majority of five rounds before succumbing to a Hail Mary triangle choke in the last frame. The fight was an instant classic and is seen by many as a bout which merits a rematch (Sonnen likely would have been awarded another shot at the champ immediately had he not been suspended afterward for improperly disclosing his usage of TRT); even Sonnen’s next opponent, Brian Stann, would like to see a second go-round between the two – he just wants to see it after he’s already defeated them both.

“Oh, absolutely,” Stann recently told when asked if he were interested in seeing Silva vs. Sonnen 2. “After I beat both of them I’d love for them to fight.”

Stann broke down the fight as well, asserting that how the rematch might look could depend on how much the severity of Silva’s rib injury affected that first tilt with Sonnen as well as the champ’s ability to adjust his style and shore up his defenses to better deal with Sonnen’s grinding, wrestling-heavy attack. At the end of the day though, Stann is hoping he doesn’t see how that fight plays out for some time, as he’s planning on sending Sonnen to the back of the contender’s line when they meet next month at UFC 136.

“I don’t know,” he said when asked how he thought Silva vs. Sonnen 2 would go. “I don’t know how injured Anderson was in that first fight and I think he’s got the means and the abilities to not make the same mistakes twice and bring in the right guys he’s gonna need to prepare for Chael. So, I think it will be a tougher fight all the way around, but the bottom line is, when I watch all of Chael’s fights, as I’ve done, I haven’t seen anybody beat the guy up yet. When Chael loses, he’s usually kicking some guy’s butt and then they catch him in something. I don’t think he’s ever lost by decision and he’s never been knocked out. So, it would be very tough. I just think that Chael is the toughest match up on the planet for Anderson, stylistically.

“And, I’m not looking forward to seeing part two of that fight anytime soon, because I wanna go beat Chael Sonnen on October 8.”