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“Rampage” Jackson Outs Spy Just Hours Before UFC 135

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson put together a plan earlier in his training camp to find out if there was a spy inside his inner circle that was leaking information to Jon Jones.

Jackson invented a hand injury, which got back to Jones’ trainer, Malki Kawa, who eventually reached out to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. Silva contacted Jackson’s camp, and “Rampage” knew someone was up to no good.

On an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter Friday, Jackson named the spy as a former MusclePharm employee named “Leonard.” Jackson trained at MusclePharm in preparation for his UFC 135 title fight with Jones Saturday night.

Jones has said all along that he knew nothing about the claims, but Jackson has been very vocal in saying the opposite.

“Sucks some poor guy at MusclePharm got fired over ‘Rampage’s’ paranoia,” Jones wrote on his Twitter account.

The last name of the employee was not given by Jackson, but, The Fighting Post found a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that said a MusclePharm executive vice president resigned on September 16.

In the document, a Leonard K. Armenta is mentioned as the person who resigned, citing the resignation was not a result of any disagreements with the company on any matters relating to the operations, polices or practices of MusclePharm.