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Dana White On Dissolving Strikeforce, Women’s MMA In The UFC

For most, watching Strikeforce slowly but surely hemorrhage talent – the promotion has lost welterweight champ Nick Diaz, light heavyweight champ Dan Henderson and heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem, to name a few – is a clear sign that the promotion is in its dying days. Though most believe that Zuffa is only interested in cherry-picking Strikeforce’s best fighters before letting the promotion dissolve, UFC president Dana White said today that Strikeforce’s fate is not in he and his partner’s hands, but rather Showtime’s.

“Don’t listen to the buzz,” said White. “Who knows what’s gonna happen? The way that this thing works is, it depends on Showtime. Ball’s in their court. They’re gonna decide whether they want to keep Strikeforce around or not. We’re not.”

But, if Strikeforce does march slowly into the sunset, where does that leave the women’s MMA competitors? White has said many times in the past that he doesn’t believe the current landscape of women’s MMA warrants setting up a women’s division in the UFC and his tune hasn’t really changed all that much.

“The reason that I said that is because there aren’t enough good women in each division to create an entire division. You can do one-offs here and there, but to create an entire division, especially as much as we put on fights – I mean, we’re gonna do thirty-four fights next year – there aren’t enough good women to create an entire division, which is the problem,” he said. “But, as the sport continues to grow and more and more people train in it, you’re going to see a lot more women getting involved too. So who knows? We’ll see what happens.”