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Matt Hughes Undecided On Retirement, But Won’t Be Fighting In His Forties

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes is nearing his thirty-eighth birthday and has mentioned over his past several fights that he isn’t much longer for the fight game; with his fight against Josh Koscheck this weekend marking the end of his current contract with the UFC, many have assumed that the country boy will be hanging up his four-ouncers, win or lose.

But, Hughes himself hasn’t made any kind of decision regarding his MMA future yet. When asked at today’s UFC 135 pre-fight presser if his mind were yet made on retiring, Hughes replied simply, “No.”

The former longtime welterweight champion is going to fight Josh Koscheck, a fighter in his prime with a formidable skill set and true fighting spirit. Cast as the underdog in this fight, some predict that an emphatic loss will see Hughes walk away from MMA, but he insists that his decision will be made without considering the outcome of his impending scrap with Koscheck.

“I don’t know if I would say that,” he answered when asked if he was waiting to see the outcome from Saturday before making his mind up about the future of his career. “I’m just going to talk to the UFC after this and we’ll see. I’m 37. I was the guy that this guy (Jon Jones) was talking about five minutes ago about being older and this and that. I don’t wanna be in my forties and fighting. I just don’t. I’m about to be thirty-eight, so we’ll just see what’s gonna go on. I’m not gonna sign another four-fight deal, for sure.”