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Matt Hughes Didn’t Duck Koscheck, He Just Wasn’t Offered That Fight

Josh Koscheck’s angle of promotion for his upcoming short-notice fight with Matt Hughes is that he and his AKA teammates have called Hughes out for years while he was at the top of the division and that he always ducked them. Today, Hughes explained that he never ducked Koscheck or his teammates, he was just simply never offered those fights.

“I just never got called with the fight,” said Hughes. “So, I mean, Josh isn’t the first one that’s called me out, wanting to fight me. He’s just one of the guys wanting to fight me. Whatever the UFC wants to put together for the fans is what’s gonna happen.”

UFC president Dana White backed Hughes up, stating that he’s never had Hughes turn down a fight that he’s been offered in the past and that he’s confident the country boy would have accepted a fight with any of the AKA welterweights back then if that’s what he’d been offered.

“Matt Hughes has never not been interested in anything,” said White. “Even fights when I’ve called him in the past – I’ve talked about this before: There was nothing he was less interested in than the second fight with Frank Trigg. Those two hated each other, he’d already destroyed him in the first fight by standing rear naked choke and his thing was, ‘I’m never gonna beat him more impressively than I did the first time.’ But he took the fight. I’ve never called Matt Hughes and had Matt Hughes go, ‘Eh, I don’t wanna do this fight,’ or ‘I’m not interested.’ Never. In over ten years of being in business together.”

Hughes and Koscheck will square off this Saturday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado in the co-main event of UFC 135: Jones vs. Jackson. Visit on the night for our live, ongoing coverage of the event.