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Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya: “Dana White Has Done An Amazing Job”

Not everyone in boxing is against the UFC and Dana White.

That includes former multi-time champion Oscar De La Hoya, who recently discussed the success of the UFC for an interview with Fight Hub TV.

White has had many public feuds with some of the biggest names in boxing including Bob Arum and Gary Shaw.

De La Hoya, though, has nothing but respect for what White has helped turn the UFC into.

“First of all, I congratulate Dana White for doing an amazing job. My utmost respect to Dana White, I believe he’s a brilliant guy, he’s a tremendous person to have in a combat sport,” De La Hoya said. “I think they did an outstanding job in promoting the UFC, and look at where it’s at now. They struck a deal with FOX, which is amazing for the UFC, for MMA, my hat’s off to him.”

While the UFC and MMA continue to grow, many have felt that boxing has been suffering a slow death.

“Boxing will be back on network television, I can feel very confident in saying that” De La Hoya said. “Sooner than later, it will be back on network television. When you put good fighters together, people want to watch. With Golden Boy Promotions, we’re working on taking those next steps.”

De La Hoya has defeated 17 world champions in the ring and won six world titles in six different weight classes. He founded Golden Boy Promotions in 2001 and has been working with many of the biggest names in boxing now outside of the ring.