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Video: Rampage Jackson And Karyn Bryant, Part Two

Last time seasoned MMA interviewer Karyn Bryant spoke with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, following his UFC 130 victory over Matt Hamill, controversy ensued.

Jackson faux-motorboated Bryant, in an incident similar to the time he got a little too friendly with a CagePotato reporter, drawing the ire of many in the MMA community. Though Bryant herself said that she found the incident humorous and lighthearted, there were plenty of people who wanted to take Jackson to task for acting in a manner which they found inappropriate.

Fast forward to the present, the week before Jackson faces UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones for the belt and when that very insignificant “controversy” has been long buried by the likes of Nick Diaz and Strikeforce’s slow bleed-out and all is right in the world. Bryant and Jackson are getting along swimmingly, as you can see in the video below. No hurt feelings, no grudges. Check out MMAHeat’s most recent, motorboat-free interview with Rampage.