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MFC’s Mark Pavelich: “I’m The Floyd Mayweather Of MMA”

UFC president Dana White isn’t the only brash and outspoken MMA promoter on the scene, Maximum Fighting Championship’s owner Mark Pavelich is out there blazing a trail in Canada and he wants you to know about it.

“I’m on the grind,” Pavelich told “Actually, forget that, I invented the grind. I’m the Floyd Mayweather of MMA. I don’t get my props. Eleven years, undefeated. Sold out eighteen straight shows. I’m the only promotion in Canada on live television. The ONLY show. And I don’t ever get my respect and I don’t care anymore. I’m gonna keep kicking ass and taking names”

The Edmonton, Alberta based promotion will be putting on its 31st show early this October, featuring a main event between MFC light heavyweight champ Ryan Jimmo and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou — a good fight, but no Silva vs. Sonnen 2. Though MFC isn’t exactly packing the star power just yet, Pavelich believes that his promotion will be the UFC’s direct competition within five years time.

“By next year we’ll be that much closer to being number two in the world. In five years we’ll be number two, one hundred percent. One hundred percent number two,” said Pavelich. “If not, I’ll jump off the highest bridge I can find. That’s how sure I am.”

Though he predicts a number two spot down the line, Pavelich takes issue right now with the fact that his promotion is seen as second fiddle to promotions like Bellator and he chides the American MMA community specifically for not seeing that MFC is a bigger deal.

“I love Americans. I love American people. Half my staff is American. But you know what? You guys believe every stupid sh*t in MMA that anybody tells you,” he said. “You’ll actually believe some of the shows in the United States other than (the UFC) are bigger than my shows? They’re not. They’re optical illusions. And I’m sitting there and thinking, ‘Are you kidding? Are you kidding?!?’

“You look at those shows like – I don’t even know the guy’s name and I don’t even want to repeat his name (Bjorn Rebney/Bellator) – the guy everyone says I’m in competition with,” he went on. “I start laughing. You’ve gotta be kidding me, man. How is he on the same level as me? Because he signed with MTV2 or whatever the case may be? We’re dealing with HDNet and Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban who has more money than Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey. That’s who I’m in business with.”

MFC 31: Rundown goes down on October 7 at the Mayfield Inn Trade and Conference Center in Edmonton.