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Diego Sanchez Working Past His Hand Injury

Diego Sanchez is learning to grow as a fighter and a person.

Sanchez was recently forced to pull out of a planned fight with Matt Hughes for this Saturday’s UFC 135 card due to a hand injury suffered during training.

But, Sanchez (23-4) is finding other ways to better himself while recovering from the broken finger.

“I look at it like a blessing in disguise,” said Sanchez, who was a guest on Radio recently. “Right now, all I can do is work my knees, kicks, and my left hand and my conditioning. I can run hard. There’s still a lot I can do and still continue to get better through this injury. That’s something I’ve done throughout my career, through every little injury. There’s always something, and you work your way around it, and continue to get better.”

Sanchez knew something was wrong with his hand as soon as he connected on his sparring partners head. He said he could see the bone moving on his pointer finger, as the metacarpal was cracked in half. The injury should be healed in four-to-five weeks.

For now, Sanchez will just continue to expand his skills while waiting to see who the UFC signs him to fight next.

“I went back to the gym and said, ‘I’m not going into a fight again not sharp with my knees, kicks, and No. 1, my boxing. We got back to work and continued to evolve and continued to get very sharp,” Sanchez said. “I really realized that all fights start on the feet. Having that old-school game plan of, ‘I know I’m going to go in and take you down and beat you up,’ it really doesn’t make any sense for MMA because your opponent is able to anticipate that.”

Sanchez has also made a public push to be a coach on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, and mentioned maybe facing off against either Jon Fitch or B.J. Penn.