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Dana White On Mayweather Vs. Ortiz: Dirty Fight And Horrible Refereeing

Did you watch Mayweather vs. Ortiz following the UFC Fight Night 25 broadcast this past Saturday night? UFC president Dana White did, and he wants you to know what he thought about it.

The UFC boss took to his Twitter account to let his feelings on the controversial fight be heard.

“Was that NUTS or what!?!? Dirty from both fighters and the most HORRIBLE refereeing I have EVER seen in boxing or anywhere else!” he wrote.

The fight, which lasted four rounds, saw Ortiz get frustrated and very intentionally headbutt Mayweather after backing him into a corner. Referee Joe Cortez paused the fight to take a point from Ortiz and then restarted the action — if somewhat unclearly — at which point Ortiz goes to make nice with Mayweather, who knocks him out with a left hook-straight right combo.

“You can’t blame the fighters,” he posted. “The ref is in there to stop that shit from happening! That is the worst ref’n I have ever seen in boxing EVER. Boxers are always going after each other the ref is in there to keep it safe, clean and from turning into a real fight!”

Star Power: Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz went down on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.