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UFC Fight Night 25: Eric Koch Vs. Jonathan Brookins

The following is from our live coverage of ‘UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellenberger. To access our full coverage, click here.

Referee Myron Gaudet will oversee this featherweight contest.

Round 1: Koch lands a leg lick to get off first. Brookins throws a front kick and then drops for the single leg. Koch is avoiding well so far and manages to keep Brookins from getting him down, though he’s still pressed against the cage. Brookins lands a nice elbow from the clinch. Brookins is all over Koch against the fence, dropping levels and mixing in strikes repeatedly. Brookins lands a pair of hard elbows. Koch frees himself and lands a hard straight left. Koch countering well and landing some hard kicks. Brookins closes the distance in short order and tries to get Koch down against the cage. Koch landing punches and elbow when he can while Brookins works for the takedown. Koch makes space and lands a knee, turning Brookins into the fence before the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: It’s been a grinding fight so far, but Koch is staying free for now and landing shots. Brookins closes the distance quickly and presses Koch into the fence. He fights free and gets back to work with strikes; he is clearly a Duke Roufus product, showing stellar striking technique. Brookins dives for the takedown before too long, pressing Koch back into the fence and fighting for the takedown. Koch fights the takedown with the whizzer and then manages to stay in top position as Brookins tries to drag him down. Brookins gets up though and presses Koch back into the fence, but not before taking a knee. The crowd begins to boo as Koch continues to try and extricate himself from the cage. Koch reverses and turns Brookins into the fence, where he lands a nice knee. They separate and Koch lands a hard leg kick. Koch puts together a flurry of punches and then stuffs another takedown, though Brookins keeps hold of him. Brookins cuts the angle and drags Koch to the mat. Koch gets to his feet and eats a right hand; Brookins dives right back in and tries to take him down. Koch gets to his feet and lands a nice knee. Koch spins to Brookins’ back at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Koch

Round 3: Koch put together a three-piece. Brookins tries to bridge the gap but Koch shuck him off. Koch is working his range now and landing shots, but Brookins won’t work the outside for long; he shoots for the takedown and presses Koch back into the fence. Koch is keeping to his feet, but the judges could very well be giving rounds to Brookins based on control. Brookins is blanketing Koch and the crowd showers the cage with boos. Koch uncorks a hard head kick and starts putting shots together. Brookins is trying to grab hold of Koch, but Koch keeps to his feet and separated. Brookins corners him and presses him into the fence again. Koch turns him into the fence with less than a minute to go, but Brookins reverses him before too long and tries again for the takedown. The crowd boos loudly with ten seconds to go. They remain on the fence until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Brookins

Eric Koch defeated Jonathan Brookins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)