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UFC Fight Night 25: Cody McKenzie Vs. Vagner Rocha

The following is from our live coverage of ‘UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellenberger. To access our full coverage, click here.

Round 1: McKenzie comes out strong, taking the center immediately and backing Rocha down. McKenzie is going after Rocha, who quickly closes the distance. McKenzie turns him into the fence and they work there briefly. When they break McKenzie takes a shot low, but quickly recovers. Rocha lands a pair of kicks to the body. McKenzie trying to put the pressure on Rocha, who dives for and completes the takedown. McKenzie tries briefly for the McKenzitine, but Rocha shrugs it off and goes to work from the top against the fence. McKenzie shows a nice butterfly guard, but he’s having a hard time getting out from under the grappling specialist. Rocha rolls for an arm, but McKenzie defends well. Rocha is all over McKenzie though, dragging him back down, tying him up and briefly choking him. McKenzie survives Rocha’s ground onslaught though and gets back to his feet, where he continues trying to beat on Rocha. McKenzie puts it on Rocha until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Rocha

Round 2: Rocha backs up McKenzie with some single-shot strikes to start out. Rocha goes for the takedown again and McKenzie briefly looks for his signature move again; Rocha isn’t having it. Rocha looks for a d’arce choke himself and looks to have it locked up, but McKenzie survives and breaks out of it. McKenzie looks for the McKenzitine again, but Rocha avoids it and rolls for the kimura. Rocha is running circles around McKenzie on the ground, taking full mount. Rocha traps McKenzie’s arm briefly while mounted. He takes McKenzie’s back and sinks the rear naked choke, forcing McKenzie to tap.

Vagner Rocha defeated Cody McKenzie via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:49 of round 2