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“UFC Fight Night: Shields Vs. Ellenberger” Results

Welcome to FightLine.coms live coverage of UFC Fight Night: Shields vs. Ellenberger.

Tonight’s fight card comes to us live from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main card will on Spike TV at 9pm ET, while the prelims will be streamed live on Facebook.

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Justin Edwards vs. Jorge Lopez

Round 1: Lopez gets clipped low right off the bat. Edwards grabs hold of Lopez, who turns Edwards into the fence and goes for a takedown. Edwards threatens with the guillotine, but Lopez survives after a few harrowing moments. Edwards moves in for the takedown behind some punches. Lopez lands a good knee while fighting off the takedown, but Edwards eventually gets him down anyway. Lopez back up immediately. And back down. Lopez gets up again and fires off a few punches, Edwards ducks them and puts him down again. Edwards with a hard knee to the body. Lopez gets up and may be finding his range, as he’s already landing the better of the shots on the feet; all behind a nice, long jab. Lopez bucks Edwards with a knee that briefly puts him down. Edwards recovers and weathers a volley of strikes delivered by Lopez to press him back into the fence and look for the takedown. scores the round 10-9 for Edwards
Round 2: Lopez lands a good head kick. Edwards returns fire with a spinning back kick that glances off the body. Edwards gets Lopez down against the fence and takes side control. Edwards drops for the guillotine, but Lopez shakes him off; he lets him to his feet. Lopez lands a hard job after a period of inactivity. They clinch, with Edwards eventually getting the takedown against the fence. Edwards takes Lopez’s back and looks to work a choke. Edwards trying to soften Lopez up with some punches while he rides his back. Edwards starts to tee off and, just when it starts looking bad, Lopez reverses and lands a few shots before Edwards gets back to his feet. The referee quickly breaks them apart from clinching on the cage. Edwards lands a nice body kick. They end the round on the fence. scores the round 10-9 for Edwards

Round 3: Edwards gets right back into Lopez’s face and bulls him into the fence. Lopez turns him. Lopez gets a takedown of his own. Edwards looks for the kimura, but Lopez defends and eventually mounts. He flattens Edwards out against the fence and starts to tee off. Edwards spins out, but Lopez stays on top of him. Lopez is holding position in side control, not going for the finish too aggressively. Edwards fights to his feet, but Lopez gets him right back down. Joe Rogan is wondering why Lopez is looking to win a round instead of finish the fight. Edwards rolls for an armbar, then switches to an omaplata. Lopez avoids and Edwards tries for a triangle at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Lopez

Justin Edwards defeated Jorge Lopez via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Mike Lullo vs. Robert Peralta

Round 1: They both start off throwing kicks. Peralta taking a page from Edson Barboza’s notebook by going to work on Lullo’s leg with kicks. Peralta stuffs a takedown and makes Lullo pay with knees before getting a takedown of his own. Peralta clearly targeting Lullo’s left leg. Lullo returns with two of his own, Peralta returns fire. Lullo starting to turn it up some, landing a combo bookended by two nice kicks. Peralta strings together a volley of strikes. Peralta counters a leg kick by Lullo with some shots to the body. Both men going to work with leg kicks. Peralta backs Lullo up with a punch combo. Peralta digs into Lullo’s leg twice with thudding leg kicks. Peralta sits Lullo down with a side kick. Lullo fights to his feet. scores the round 10-9 for Peralta

Lullo has some serious swelling between his left eye and ear courtesy a Peralta right hand.

Round 2: Peralta goes back to work on Lullo’s welted leg. Peralta’s looking for the sidekick again, but he doesn’t let it go. They trade punches. Peralta with another leg kick; another. Lullo tries for the takedown but Peralta defends easily. Peralta fights off of the cage, landing a nice knee to the body, but Lullo stays on him. Peralta doing very well in fending off the takedown. Lullo is trying very hard to secure the takedown, but Peralta keeps to his feet. Peralta defends another shot after a brief striking exchange. Peralta thwarts another takedown attempt. Peralta cracks Lullo with a right hand on the break. Lullo throws a switch kick that misses. scores the round 10-9 for Peralta

Round 3: Peralta gets off first with the leg kick. Peralta cracks Lullo with a series of right hands on the counter. Lullo drives in for the takedown, pressing Peralta into the fence. Lullo working knees to Peralta’s thighs, but Peralta makes space, lands a knee and breaks away. He moves in with a series of punches and finishes with a head kick. Lullo hits a solid leg kick. Peralta stuffs yet another takedown. Lullo fights unrelentingly for the takedown and eventually puts Peralta down. Peralta gets up, but Lullo takes his back as they’re halfway up, establishing one hook. They break and Lullo lands a nice elbow. Lullo gets it down again; he isn’t able to do much before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Lullo

Robert Peralta defeated Mike Lullo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

TJ Waldburger vs. Mike Stumpf

Round 1: Waldburger gets Stumpf’s back almost immediately after firing a leg kick that throws him off balance, in a beautiful transition. Stumpf shakes both of Waldburger’s hooks, but TJ reestablishes the left in short order. Waldburger gets both hooks again and flattens Stumpf out. Stumpf is defending well and they battle for position. Waldburger gives up the position by rolling for an arm. Waldburger doesn’t suffer much though, getting to his feet quickly, avoiding a takedown and completing one of his own. He passes to side control, but Stumpf gets to his feet. A wild scramble ensues with Stumpf dropping for the guillotine. Waldburger defends easily and takes side control. He rolls for an armbar, then a triangle, which he completes. Stumpf taps.

TJ Waldburger defeated Mike Stumpf via submission (triangle choke) at 3:52 of round 1

Clay Harvison vs. Seth Baczynski

Round 1: They touch gloves and begin the feeling out process. Harvison gets off first with a nice leg kick. Then he lands one inside. So far, Harvison is using his distance better. Baczynski chases Harvison down behind some punches and flattens him into the fence, where he looks to work knees. Harvison breaks away and Baczynski goes for a flying knee, before again grabbing the clinch. Another flying knee by Baczynski. Baczynski is taking the momentum now, scoring with good punches and very strong knees. Baczynski tries another flying knee after stunning Harvison with a right hand. Harvison eats a left hook. Baczynski goes for the takedown, but Harvison defends by threatening with the guillotine. Baczynski loads up on a hard right hand. Baczynski is walking through most of Harvison’s attempts at offense and scoring with his own. The round ends with a scrappy exchange. scores the round 10-9 for Baczynski

Round 2: Baczynski using his range to land kicks early. Baczynski drops Harvison with an uppercut and goes to pounding him from the guard. Baczynski takes his back and works elbows; he takes the rear naked choke before long and forces Harvison to tap.

Seth Baczynski defeated Clay Harvison via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:12 of round 2

Ken Stone vs. Donny Walker

Round 1: Stone gets off first with an inside leg kick, which goes a little low. He lands another. Walker moves in with punches and Stone closes the distance, pressing Walker into the fence, before taking him down. Walker scrambles to his feet, but leaves himself open for Stone to take his back, which he does, dragging Walker to the mat. Stone sinks the rear naked choke deeply; Walker is fighting through it impressively, but he’s eventually put to sleep.

Ken Stone defeated Donny Walker via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:40 of round 1

Matt Riddle vs. Lance Benoist

Round 1: They touch gloves and get set. Benoist lands an inside leg kick before sending home a crisp straight left that stuns Riddle. Benoist showing serious stand-up prowess, barely missing a hook kick. Riddle presses Benoist into the fence, where he lands a nice knee. Benoist lands a knee to Riddle’s cup that makes him gag. He takes a minute and they get back to it. Benoist throws a front kick and gives the takedown up as a result. Benoist actively trying to work his way out from under Riddle, demonstrating the ability to prevent Riddle from getting off with too much offense. Benoist uses a kimura to sweep directly into full mount. Riddle regains half guard, but Benoist is holding him against the fence and looking to land shots. Benoist lands some hard shots from half guard. scores the round 10-9 for Benoist

Round 2: Benoist lands a nice one-two. Riddle establishes the plum, but Benoist shakes him off. Riddle drops for a double and completes it. Benoist gets to his feet, but Riddle stays leaning into him against the fence. Good knee by Riddle as the battle from the clinch. Benoist hits a takedown; he postures up and lands some hard shots. Benoist is bleeding heavily from the nose, but still maintaining a solid offensive output from top position. Riddle lands a nice up-kick. Riddle rolls for an armbar, but Benoist defends well. Riddle trying to get off with elbows from his back. scores the round 10-9 for Benoist

Round 3: Benoist opens with a hard straight left. They clinch and Riddle lands some nice knees. Benoist drives for the takedown, but Riddle avoids it and starts teeing off. Benoist circles away, but Riddle gets hold of him and takes him down. Benoist very skillfully regains full guard from side control. Riddle grinding on Benoist against the fence, holding him down and working short elbows and punches. Riddle lands a hard shot that worsens the damage to Benoist’s nose. Benoist doing his best to fight to his feet, but the best he can do is regain guard. Benoist doing well avoiding damage from the bottom, but Riddle lands a pair of hard elbows. Riddle pops out of guard with seconds left and tries to tee off, but Benoist breaks his posture quickly. scores the round 10-9 for Riddle

Lance Benoist defeated Matt Riddle via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Evan Dunham vs. Shamar Bailey

Round 1: They touch gloves and Dunham lands a nice one-two early on. Dunham using his reach well, but Bailey able to get off on a few counters. He stuffs the takedown with ease. Dunham backs Bailey into the fence with a volley of straight punches. Bailey lands a hard left but seems none the worse for the wear. Dunham scoring well with a one-two, Bailey landing a few leg kicks. Dunha, stuffs another takedown and feeds Bailey some punches for his trouble. Dunham is making Bailey miss most of his counter shots and finding a continual home with his one-two, putting punctuation on the combo with a hard straight left. Dunham gets stung with a left hand but keeps Bailey at bay with a front kick. Dunham goes back on the attack with two head kicks before going back to work punches. Bailey gets a takedown briefly at the bell. Well after the bell, Dunham takes him back down. scores the round 10-9 for Dunham

Round 2: Bailey circling better this round, landing the left hand square again. He avoids a takedown and briefly threatens to take Bailey’s back before they both get back to their feet. Dunham lands another one-two. Dunham ducks under a set of punches and grabs hold of Bailey. Bailey avoids the takedown and they break. Dunham with a front kick to the face. Dunham showing nicer head movement now and timing Bailey, putting together his punches with more and more frequency. They trade from the pocket, Dunham dotting Bailey up. Dunham lands another front kick to the face. He shucks off Bailey from another takedown. Bailey looks to be slowing down here, while Dunham just keeps moving forward landing straight punches. A head kick lands for Dunham. Dunham deftly spins out of a takedown attempt and goes right back on the attack, landing a punch that cuts Bailey open. Dunham working nice combos off of his jab, landing at will. scores the round 10-9 for Dunham

Round 3: They touch gloves and start to trade, with Bailey trying to be the aggressor. Dunham keeps his composure and works the same gameplan, keeping Bailey on the end of straight punches. Bailey barely misses on a hard left. Bailey is no stalking after Dunham, who’s picking him apart with counters and lead one-twos. Bailey is clearly losing, but hanging tough and making Dunham work for the win. Dunham is absolutely cracking Bailey with some of these shots, but he just keeps walking forward. Bailey is showing a tremendous chin; Dunham is hunting him down and trying to finish. Dunham falls briefly after getting too overzealous with a kick, but Bailey is unable to capitalize. Dunham lands a hard knee to the body and then sinks the guillotine, cranking it until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Dunham

Evan Dunham defeated Shamar Bailey via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Cody McKenzie vs. Vagner Rocha

Round 1: McKenzie comes out strong, taking the center immediately and backing Rocha down. McKenzie is going after Rocha, who quickly closes the distance. McKenzie turns him into the fence and they work there briefly. When they break McKenzie takes a shot low, but quickly recovers. Rocha lands a pair of kicks to the body. McKenzie trying to put the pressure on Rocha, who dives for and completes the takedown. McKenzie tries briefly for the McKenzitine, but Rocha shrugs it off and goes to work from the top against the fence. McKenzie shows a nice butterfly guard, but he’s having a hard time getting out from under the grappling specialist. Rocha rolls for an arm, but McKenzie defends well. Rocha is all over McKenzie though, dragging him back down, tying him up and briefly choking him. McKenzie survives Rocha’s ground onslaught though and gets back to his feet, where he continues trying to beat on Rocha. McKenzie puts it on Rocha until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Rocha

Round 2: Rocha backs up McKenzie with some single-shot strikes to start out. Rocha goes for the takedown again and McKenzie briefly looks for his signature move again; Rocha isn’t having it. Rocha looks for a d’arce choke himself and looks to have it locked up, but McKenzie survives and breaks out of it. McKenzie looks for the McKenzitine again, but Rocha avoids it and rolls for the kimura. Rocha is running circles around McKenzie on the ground, taking full mount. Rocha traps McKenzie’s arm briefly while mounted. He takes McKenzie’s back and sinks the rear naked choke, forcing McKenzie to tap.

Vagner Rocha defeated Cody McKenzie via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:49 of round 2


Alan Belcher vs. Jason MacDonald

Round 1: MacDonald quickly looks for the takedown, which Belcher avoids and uses to press MacDonald into the fence. MacDonald turns him and drops for the takedown, though he eventually pulls guard instead. Belcher is starting to land some heavy punches from MacDonald’s guard, ref Dan Miragliotta is taking a close look at the action. MacDonald looks for the kimura, but Belcher avoids and takes side control. Belcher cracks MacDonald with some hard right hands, which cause him to look for a submission. Belcher pours it on again and it’s too much for MacDonald, who wilts and calls for an end.

Alan Belcher defeated Jason MacDonald via verbal submission (strikes) at 3:48 of round 1

Belcher, “I didn’t know if I was ever going to fight again…I’m back baby.”

The Talent says he’s not the same fighter he was, his ground game is as potent as his striking.

Eric Koch vs. Jonathan Brookins

Referee Myron Gaudet will oversee this featherweight contest.

Round 1: Koch lands a leg lick to get off first. Brookins throws a front kick and then drops for the single leg. Koch is avoiding well so far and manages to keep Brookins from getting him down, though he’s still pressed against the cage. Brookins lands a nice elbow from the clinch. Brookins is all over Koch against the fence, dropping levels and mixing in strikes repeatedly. Brookins lands a pair of hard elbows. Koch frees himself and lands a hard straight left. Koch countering well and landing some hard kicks. Brookins closes the distance in short order and tries to get Koch down against the cage. Koch landing punches and elbow when he can while Brookins works for the takedown. Koch makes space and lands a knee, turning Brookins into the fence before the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 2: It’s been a grinding fight so far, but Koch is staying free for now and landing shots. Brookins closes the distance quickly and presses Koch into the fence. He fights free and gets back to work with strikes; he is clearly a Duke Roufus product, showing stellar striking technique. Brookins dives for the takedown before too long, pressing Koch back into the fence and fighting for the takedown. Koch fights the takedown with the whizzer and then manages to stay in top position as Brookins tries to drag him down. Brookins gets up though and presses Koch back into the fence, but not before taking a knee. The crowd begins to boo as Koch continues to try and extricate himself from the cage. Koch reverses and turns Brookins into the fence, where he lands a nice knee. They separate and Koch lands a hard leg kick. Koch puts together a flurry of punches and then stuffs another takedown, though Brookins keeps hold of him. Brookins cuts the angle and drags Koch to the mat. Koch gets to his feet and eats a right hand; Brookins dives right back in and tries to take him down. Koch gets to his feet and lands a nice knee. Koch spins to Brookins’ back at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Koch

Round 3: Koch put together a three-piece. Brookins tries to bridge the gap but Koch shuck him off. Koch is working his range now and landing shots, but Brookins won’t work the outside for long; he shoots for the takedown and presses Koch back into the fence. Koch is keeping to his feet, but the judges could very well be giving rounds to Brookins based on control. Brookins is blanketing Koch and the crowd showers the cage with boos. Koch uncorks a hard head kick and starts putting shots together. Brookins is trying to grab hold of Koch, but Koch keeps to his feet and separated. Brookins corners him and presses him into the fence again. Koch turns him into the fence with less than a minute to go, but Brookins reverses him before too long and tries again for the takedown. The crowd boos loudly with ten seconds to go. They remain on the fence until the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Brookins

Eric Koch defeated Jonathan Brookins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Court McGee vs. Dongi Yang

Yves Lavigne will be the third man in the cage for the night’s co-main event.

Round 1: McGee with an inside leg kick early. McGee is trying to work his distance, while Yang looks to be trying to throw from the pocket. A long feeling out period to start the first round. They start to loosen up and McGee drills Yang with a hard right hook counter. Both men throwing back and forth, but neither landing anything significant. McGee with some hard leg kicks and a head kick attempt. McGee appears to have some swelling around his left eye. McGee is walking Yang down, keeping him off-rhythm with near-constant pressure. Yang looking to snatch McGee’s leg off of low kicks, but unable to so far. McGee with a flurry to end it. scores the round 10-9 for McGee

Round 2: Yang presses forward, but McGee hangs in the pocket and fires back hard counter hooks. McGee grabs hold of Yang and bulls him into the fence. Yang shows tremendous base in shucking him off. Yang lands a hard one-two and scores with some follow-up punches as well. A good left hook lands for Yang. McGee dives for the takedown, but Yang holds him off again. McGee eats a straight right, but he’s still walking Yang down and keeping the center of the cage. Yang grabs McGee and throws a slow knee from the clinch. He lands a nice left hand . McGee lands a good left hook of his own before shooting for a takedown. He doesn’t get it before the bell. scores the round 10-10

Round 3: Yang lands a jab to start. McGee walks him down still, but Yang is landing some counter shots as he does. Yang working the inside leg kick some; the crowd boos the relative inactivity right as Yang sends McGee reeling across the cage with a hard left hand. He takes McGee down but McGee gets to his feet and fight backs. Yang puts together another series of shots that wobbles McGee, but he keeps moving forward. Yang appears too tired to capitalize and McGee starts to take back the momentum. He dives for a which is easily stuffed. Yang is bleeding and breathing heavily and McGee takes him down, landing right in mount. Yang spins out and they return to their feet, where McGee starts back in landing punches. McGee hits another takedown with under twenty seconds. He drops a series of elbows and then tries for the guillotine, it looks tight, but Yang escapes at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for McGee

Court McGee defeated Dongi Yang via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-28)


Jake Shields vs. Jake Ellenberger

Referee Kevin Mulhall will oversee the night’s main event.

Round 1: Shields pumping the jab. Ellenberger tosses Shields to the mat as he clinches with him and then steps away. Ellenberberger shucks a strong takedown attempt by Shields and starts to put some heat on his punches. As Shields moves forward, Ellenberger grabs the plum and lands a big knee that sends him face-first to the mat; once there, Ellenberger tees off until Mulhall has to stop it.

Shields tries to take down Mulhall for a time before coming to, looking bewildered.

Jake Ellenberger defeated Jake Shields via TKO (strikes) at :53 of round 1

Ellenberger says he’s feeling unbelievable after defeating such a highly-regarded welterweight. He credits his training partners for the win.

Shields: “I’m just frustrated.” Says he thinks he could have kept going, hinting at an early ref stoppage.

That’s it for tonight y’all, thanks for tuning in.