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Xtreme Couture’s Gil Martinez Talks Mayweather Vs. Ortiz

This Saturday night, the UFC Fight Night 25 broadcast will go up against boxing’s biggest draw (next to Manny Pacquiao) Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who will attempt to defend his WBC title against Victor Ortiz.

Taking on whom many believe to be the best boxer on the planet, Ortiz will no doubt have his work cut out for him against Mayweather. Even Gil Martinez, head boxing trainer at Xtreme Couture and occasional coach to Ortiz, doesn’t like his longtime pupil’s chances against Mayweather’s scientific style.

“Unfortunately Victor Ortiz hasn’t been in the gym yet due to travel issues,” says Martinez. “My heart wants Victor to win because I’ve known him for many years and worked with him in the Jr. Olympics but Floyd is so crafty and naturally gifted. He has the reflexes of a lion. I think the only way for Victor to win is to make it a rough fight for Floyd, because if he lets Mayweather pick his shots, it’s going to be a tough fight for Victor.”

As if Mayweather’s boxing pedigree alone weren’t daunting enough, Martinez warns that his ability to get into his opponents’ heads is always a threat, though he doesn’t believe Ortiz is likely to fall victim to such things.

“Mayweather is the type of fighter that can get into someone’s head,” he said. “I don’t know if guys are afraid of him, because it takes a special person to be a fighter and if they were afraid, they wouldn’t be a fighter. I don’t think it’s fear but I do think that he gets in their head. Fighting is a thinking game and when you get away from your game plan, you start making mistakes. And if you make mistakes against Mayweather, he capitalizes. I don’t know if Mayweather can get into Victor’s head though, because he’s been through so much and that it’s hard to discourage someone like that.”

Ortiz and Mayweather will meet at the MGM Grand Garden Arena this Saturday night; UFC Fight Night 25 will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Center in New Orleans.