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Nick Diaz Not Happy With Fighting B.J. Penn, Still Wants Match Against GSP

Nick Diaz and B.J. Penn have trained together, and the two share a mutual respect for each other.

Now, though, they must do battle inside the Octagon, much to the dismay of Diaz.

Diaz-Penn is the scheduled co-main event at UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Condit in October.

“Now I’m over here getting ready to fight a guy I know that I was previously friends with,” said Diaz about facing Penn in an interview with recently. “We’re not doing so good right now, but we were friends. Condit and Georges, they know each other. They’re friends. And they’re trying to make these fights out of people that aren’t even trying to fight. They’re trying to make these wrestling matches, and I think it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s not a real fight.”

There is the possibility that if George St-Pierre defeats Carlos Condit and Diaz takes out Penn, that will leave the UFC having to put GSP and Diaz back together for a bout. And from what Diaz has to say, that sounds like a fight he would love to have a second opportunity at.

“I really don’t appreciate this mother (expletive) sitting there at the press conference and laughing at me,” said Diaz, on St-Pierre’s reaction to him being pulled from the fight. “That’s some real (expletive). He’s sitting there laughing like it’s funny or something. If I saw Georges on the street and called him a (expletive), I bet you he wouldn’t do (expletive). I bet you if I walked up and gave him a slap, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t do (expletive). But you can’t do that to me. That’s not how it works for me. That’s something to fight about.

“It makes me mad that Georges is going to sit there and call himself a fighter, but he’s not going to stand up and say something about this. He’s going to let it right. I think I would say something. I would at least have said, ‘I disagree. I don’t agree with canceling my fight because of some (expletive).’ Instead, he sat there and said, ‘He doesn’t have the commitment to be a champion.’ What is that? I obviously have the commitment to throw my life away. I’ve thrown my life away and sacrificed everything so that I can fight. I did that. I threw my life away so I could work hard and train and fight. That’s commitment.”

UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Condit takes place October 29 from Las Vegas, Nevada. Diaz-Penn is set to be the co-main event of the pay-per-view telecast.