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Koscheck Wants To Put On A Show Because His Last Fight “Sucked”

If you were to ask most MMA fans to compile a list of adjectives to describe Josh Koscheck as they know him, you likely wouldn’t find “humble,” “respectful,” or “soft-spoken” anywhere on that list.

That is because Koscheck has, admittedly, cultivated a bad guy persona in the media, something which culminated during his time spent as an opposing coach to welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre on The Ultimate Fighter and which continued on during the lead-up to their UFC 124 fight this past December. In that fight, Koscheck was thoroughly damaged and dominated; his orbital and cheek bone were smashed and St-Pierre essentially had his way with the brash American Kickboxing Academy fighter throughout the bout.

Regardless of the fact that he does his best to fulfill the role of the heel, Koscheck wrote in the most recent installment of his ongoing blog piece for SportsNet that he does feel an obligation to deliver entertainment once the cage door closes; feeling that he didn’t accomplish that in his fight against GSP, Koscheck pledged to deliver the goods when he meets Matt Hughes later this month at UFC 135.

“I’ve been on the shelf since December and, I’m honest, my last fight sucked. After all the talk and hype I couldn’t do anything with GSP with one eye and I let the fans down. It wasn’t a great fight,” wrote Koscheck. “I don’t care if they boo me or cheer me, but they pay to see me fight and on that night I didn’t fulfill my side of the deal because it wasn’t a great fight. I hung in there in a lot of pain to give them five full rounds, but it wasn’t a great fight and no one was happy with it, especially me.

“I owe it to the fans and myself to come back and give them a fight they can get excited about — and a lot of people are excited to see me against Matt Hughes next weekend,” he went on. “That kind of respect — the respect for me as a fighter and not a TUF coach or someone who says things in interviews — does matter and I owe the fans a great fight after the GSP fight didn’t live up to the hype.”

Hughes and Koscheck will square off at UFC 135, which takes place next weekend at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and will feature a main event between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and challenger Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.