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Miller And Bisping: Some Well-Known Fighters Couldn’t Make It Into “TUF 14″ House

This upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter will be the last broadcast on SpikeTV and will feature UFC middleweights Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Michael Bisping coaching teams of feather- and bantamweight fighters as they vie for a UFC contract.

The fourteenth season of the show has already been described separately by UFC president Dana White, Bisping and Miller as having incredible fights, especially the fights which determined who would be making it into the TUF house and who wouldn’t. During today’s TUF 14 conference call, Miller and Bisping both revealed that several well-known and experienced 135- and 145-pounders fought to get on the show and were in many cases beaten out by their lesser known competition.

“I don’t like to look back into the past, but I will say this: there were some upsets,” Miller said of the season’s first fights. “There are some guys that I’m sure the media has heard of and covered their fights before — because you guys in the media pay close attention to all the fights — and you know who they are, but guess what? They’re not coming in the house.”

Bisping explained that, as it goes, some very good fighters were eliminated by virtue of simply drawing slightly better fighters in the opening round, but that he was surprised by some of the fighters who didn’t make the cut.

“Yeah, it always goes down to the luck of the draw,” said Bisping. “There were some of the guys — I’m not going to unveil any names — but some of the guys that made it to the finals, the guys that fought them were awesome fighters but they fought the toughest guys on the show, so they never made it on. There were a couple of guys that, when I saw their names on the papers at the preliminary match-ups, I thought, ‘Oh, this guy’s in for sure.’ But, they didn’t win the fight, so they lost on that day so they didn’t earn the right to get into the house, but it would’ve been nice to have them there.”

The Ultimate Fighter 14 debuts on Spike TV on September 21; the show’s conclusion will take place on December 3 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and will see Miller and Bisping do battle.