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“The Ultimate Fighter 14″ Media Conference Call Notes And Quotes

The Ultimate Fighter 14 will feature coaches Michael Bisping and Jason “Mayhem” Miller helming teams of featherweights and bantamweights and is set to debut on September 21 on Spike TV. Today, the UFC held a conference call with Bisping and Miller to promote the season’s debut.

On the call:

-Michael Bisping
-Jason “Mayhem” Miller

Notes and Quotes:

-FX will be airing TUF 14 in the UK, including the finale.

-Both men say, in their own ways, that they grew to “hate” the other by the end of the show.

-Bisping said he was much more comfortable on this season as opposed to when he coached UK vs. USA adding that the fighters were fun to coach and all brought their A games. “The fights are absolutely incredible.”

-Said some of his team were surprised by how much he clearly cared about their development by the time the show came to an end.

-Bisping: Miller hasn’t annoyed me as much as Rivera. “Rivera was different because it wasn’t just him, it was his entire team. They were cool, calm and collected about…And they crossed the line as well. They talked about family and stuff like that…Jason’s not like that, he’s just a bit idiotic.”

-Miller: “I definitely got under his skin. As you’ll see as the season plays out, he was quite mad.”

-Miller also lauds the fighter’s efforts, also calls the fights “incredible.”

-The two go back and forth briefly; Bisping busts out the sister jokes.

-Both men said that coaching the young fighters was personally motivating and reinvigorating, a good experience for themselves as fighters.

-Bisping says Miller “loses control, loses his cool and crosses the line” as the season presses on.

-Bisping was a bit disappointed that he couldn’t train much on the mat with his fighters because of the size difference.

-“We didn’t have one lackluster fight on the entire season and that’s including the fights to get into the house.” — Mayhem.

-“There were some upsets.” Miller says there are name fighters who surprisingly don’t make it into the house. Bisping says the same.

-Bisping said Anderson Silva needs to get through him before he cleans out the middleweight division.

-Miller on choosing TUF over staying active: It was a better career choice for me and it’s the best move for the UFC and The Ultimate Fighter.

-Miller: “At the end of the day, Michael Bisping had to sign off on this and say, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ So all I can do is tip my hat for that…Thanks for the opportunity.’

-Bisping: “I’ll send you back to the undercard soon.”

-Mayhem admitted to being surprised by the amount of cameras on set and the fact that they were always on and taping.

-The two men rag on each other’s coaching staffs to end the call.