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“Rampage” Jackson Is “Dead Serious” About Getting Back UFC Title

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been writing a blog for Yahoo! Sports leading up to his September 24 meeting with Jon Jones at UFC 135 for the light heavyweight title.

Jackson was very straight-forward in his most recent post when discussing his desire to get back the championship belt he once wore around his waist.

“That belt is the unified PRIDE and UFC world title, and that belt exists because of me beating Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson in two straight fights to win the UFC and then PRIDE titles. Nothing felt better than becoming the first unified champ in MMA history,” Jackson wrote. “I plan on getting my belt back at UFC 135. I think now I didn’t appreciate even myself what I had accomplished, and by the time I did, I lost it. That’s why I want my belt back so bad. It’s my belt. So it does kind bug me that people think I’m not taking this fight in Denver next against Jones seriously.

“It’s dead serious, heart attack serious to me. I want that belt back.”

Jackson (32-8) defeated Liddell by knockout in 2007 to claim the UFC 205-pound crown, while going on to topple Dan Henderson later that same year in a bout that saw both Jackson’s UFC and Henderson’s PRIDE titles on the line.

“Rampage” lost the title to Forrest Griffin in 2008 and has went on to win four of his next five bouts to put himself back among the contenders.

As for all the “spy-gate” claims from last month that Jackson himself started, those are not important anymore.

“He can have a live feed on me. ‘Bones’ can watch me brush my teeth in the morning and see what toothpaste I used, who I am training with and how hard I am working, and he can see which hand I wipe my (expletive) with for all I care,” Jackson posted. “It don’t matter because there’s no real secret to what I really want to do in this fight: punch him on his big ‘Bones’ head. Knock him out. Jon Jones has never been hit in his career. He could have the best chin in the history of the UFC, or he could have the worst in history. We don’t know because he has not got hit yet.

“But we will know at UFC 135 because he will get hit by me.”

UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage takes place from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.