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Pat Barry Plans To Use His “Dynamite Mike Tyson Arms” On Stefan Struve

Pat Barry’s last fight in the UFC didn’t go quite as expected.

While dominating Cheick Kongo in June, Barry (6-3) fell victim to a devastating knockout loss – the first of his career.

Now, Barry gets another chance to finish the job, this time against Stefan Struve at UFC Fight Night: Cruz vs. Johnson on October 1 from Washington, D.C.

Barry has been working on his wrestling alongside the likes of Brock Lesnar, Cole Konrad, Marty Morgan and Greg Nelson, but he still prefers to use his heavy hands the most.

“My strategy against anybody, whether your 6-foot-11 or 5-foot-9, I’m going to get really close to you and blow you up with my dynamite Mike Tyson arms,” said Barry, in an interview with Full Contact Fighter recently. “That’s going to be the plan against anyone and everybody; I’m coming at you like a wild…roach.”

Barry will be giving up a foot of height when he steps inside the Octagon with Struve (21-5), who is coming off a knockout loss to Travis Browne.

The advantage Struve has, though, doesn’t worry Barry.

“Everybody that I’ve ever fought has been a lot taller than I am or their arms are longer than mine,” Barry said. “I’ve been in the ring before with guys that are 6-foot-10, 6-foot-11 before, I’ve done it once or twice.”

In preparing for the Kongo fight, Barry moved camps, switching from Roufusport in Wisconsin to DeathClutch in Minnesota where Lesnar, Konrad and the other elite wrestlers train.

“In the beginning I was just hired to help Brock train for his fights with Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos,” Barry said. “I guess I made a pretty good impression and I felt like I had a lot to gain from being out here, so I asked if I could make the move permanently and they accepted me.

“You have to evolve as a fighter to fit in with the masses; this is not just kickboxing or wrestling, you have to be able to take a fight anywhere. Do I want to keep standing? Absolutely, but it’s not out of my repertoire anymore to avoid going to the ground completely. That’s what the move was, to come out here and get better at wrestling and jiu-jitsu.”