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Paul Daley: “I Just Think Lorenzo Fertitta Is A Real Cool Guy”

Paul Daley was on the verge of becoming the next coach on The Ultimate Fighter and locking up a UFC welterweight title match with Georges St-Pierre.

Now, Daley is competing in his native country of England and is known as an outlaw to most MMA fans.

After Daley sucker-punched Josh Koscheck following a loss to Koscheck, UFC President Dana White called for a lifetime ban on Daley competing in the company.

This past weekend, Daley (28-11-2) ended a two-fight losing streak by defeating Jordan Radev at BAMMA 7. He spoke with Five Knuckles via The MMA Fight Corner on a number of subjects, the most revealing of which involved UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta.

“I kind of got the impression from the first time I met (White) that he didn’t like me. He’s like that you know. There have been a bunch of unnecessary UFC releases, and I guess if Dana likes somebody he will give them chances, if not, he will let them go,” Daley said. “I’ve only spoke to Dana after the Dustin Hazlett fight, and I spoke to him just initially when I entered the UFC, literally just two times. On the other note, Lorenzo, I’ve spoken to him a bunch of times…It’s quite funny, I’ve seen both of them (at UFC 132) and Dana walked straight past me and Lorenzo walks past and stops and he greets me.

“I think that shows the character of different individuals. I just think Lorenzo Fertitta is a real cool guy. It is funny how the real guy, the guy with the money, the real boss behind the scenes, is the coolest guy and the front man can be a bit of a problem.”

Daley is keeping hope alive that the UFC will eventually allow him back inside the Octagon, but he isn’t going to sit on the sidelines waiting for that to happen.

“I plan to be in this sport for a long time,” Daley said. “I’m very fortunate that I don’t get badly injured. People still want to see me fight. Every fight I fight, win, lose or draw I’m still entertaining. And you know, I think there will probably come an opportunity, if the (UFC) needs me back, and I’ll take it you know.”