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Strikeforce 36: Pat Healy Vs. Maximo Blanco

The following is from our live coverage of Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov. To access our full coverage, click here.

Gary Copeland will referee the first main card bout of the evening.

Round 1: Healy takes the center. Blanco lands a good body kick before knocking Healy to his back with a leg kick. He follows Healy down and works from half guard. Healy gets to his feet, but eats a three-piece thrown from the pocket. Blanco lands a head kick and then starts in with the knees. From the clinch, Blanco is hammering home uppercuts. He lands another head kick, then a front kick which causes Healy to dive for the takedown out of desperation. Blanco stays on top of Healy and presses him into the fence. Healy’s looking to set up the triangle, now the omoplata. When he goes for the leg lock, Blanco repeatedly kicks him in the face with his other foot, an illegal technique. The fight is halted and a doctor is called in to see if a dazed Healy can continue. Copeland takes a point, but the fight continues. Healy comes forward, but Blanco gets right back to attack froming every angle with every limb. Healy grabs a leg and does his best to get Blanco down; he has to work damn hard for it but he eventually slams Blanco down and takes his back. Healy traps Blanco’s right arm with his legs and tags Blanco with some hammerfists. scores the round 9-9

Round 2: Healy opens up with a one-two. Blanco is loading up on his punches and showing good head movement in avoiding most of Healy’s shots. Blanco lands a slow spinning back fist. Heally puts a few punches together. Blanco with a hard jab and then a follow-up combo that stings Healy. Blanco slips to the mat and Healy takes the opportunity to slam Blanco to the mat. He goes for a rear naked choke, but Blanco avoids and they get back to their feet. The action resumes, with both men landing some shots. Healy grabs the plum and looks to work knees. Blanco fights off the fence but is clearly tiring. Healy chases him down, tags him with a few punches before taking him down again. Blanco fights to his fight, but Healy slams him back down. And Blanco gets back up. Healy rolls him right into the crucifix and then goes for the rear naked choke again without hi hooks in. Blanco taps.

Pat Healy defeated Maximo Blanco via submission at 4:24 of round 2