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Gil Martinez Warns Nick Diaz Not To Become A Problem For Dana White

Nick Diaz was hardly apologetic for no-showing several UFC media appearances, as the chip on his shoulder was in full display during the one public statement he’s made on the situation: a YouTube video recorded from his dash cam while driving on the freeway.

Diaz was pulled from the UFC 137 main event, a championship bout against Georges St-Pierre, but kept a spot on the card and will now be facing off against BJ Penn. Though he wasn’t released by the UFC, longtime Xtreme Couture boxing coach Gil Martinez — who’s seen just about every wacky thing the fight game has to offer — warns that Diaz should tread lightly from here on out to avoid drawing the ire of UFC boss Dana White.

“Something else getting a lot of buzz this week has been Nick Diaz’s decision to flake out on press obligations,” Martinez wrote in his blog. “I’m sure there’s a reason behind Diaz no-showing and the people that know him probably know why. Hopefully it’s nothing serious or bad but both brothers are rough kids. They don’t mind getting into trouble. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious and it doesn’t affect his career.

“The one thing you don’t want to do is have the boss be mad at you though,” he went on. “If Dana White gets upset at you life can be rough. One of the things fighters need to understand is even though they are fighters they still have a boss. Somebody else is paying them. Everything else that comes along with being a fighter is very important. No promoter wants to deal with a fighter that is a problem, regardless of how good they are or not.”

Diaz will appear opposite Penn on October 29 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. His UFC future from that point on is unwritten.