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Dana White Will Never Take Nick Diaz At His Word Again

He knew what he was getting into when he signed Nick Diaz and UFC president Dana White isn’t exactly surprised by the surly Stockton native’s recent behavior.

Though his fate with the biggest MMA promotion seemingly hangs in the balance, Diaz has done little more to salvage his career at this point than release a YouTube video recorded from his dash cam which hardly explained his shirking of all media obligations. Speaking with MMA:30 after yesterday’s UFC 137 press conference, where he announced Diaz’s removal from the card and replacement by Carlos Condit, White said that he doesn’t really expect Diaz to get in touch with him at all.

“I don’t think Nick Diaz is gonna try to get ahold of me,” White predicted. “If Nick Diaz wanted to get ahold of me, he should’ve got ahold of me in the last couple of days, ya know? I think everybody knows Nick Diaz, I don’t see Nick Diaz calling me up going, ‘Hey, listen, I’m sorry. Gimme the fight back.’ It’s just not Nick Diaz.”

It’s telling that he hasn’t been cut yet, but Diaz has definitely damaged his relationship with the UFC boss, who told Dave Farra that he could never trust Diaz again.

“No, I would never accept his word again. Never,” he responded when asked if Diaz had broken his trust. “And, you know, it’s crazy, I’ve done business with his brother forever, you know, and his brother is a professional, does everything he says he’s gonna do. He has his issues here and there where he doesn’t call in for a media thing every once in awhile, but I can live with that.”

Check out the rest of the MMA:30 video below, where White goes into more detail on Diaz’s latest stunt.