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Twitter Fight! BJ Penn And Jon Fitch Get Into It

Let’s be honest, Jon Fitch has gotten pretty sour while on the sidelines rehabbing his shoulder injury.

The American Kickboxing Academy welterweight injured his shoulder after fighting former welterweight champ BJ Penn to a draw back in February at UFC 127. Owing to Penn’s past history at AKA, things started out cordially enough between the two, but as time has passed and their rematch fell through, Fitch has taken to prodding The Prodigy.

Penn has mostly stayed silent in retaliation, but fired back at Fitch today when he put in his two cents on the current Nick Diaz debacle (Diaz’s press conference no-show boosted Penn’s UFC 137 opponent, Carlos Condit, into a title shot with champ Georges St-Pierre and left The Prodigy without a man to fight).

Fitch wrote: “my twitter has blown up. Lots of people asking if I’ve been offered a fight yet. I haven’t. But I am more than willing to fight bj or Diaz”

To which Penn replied: “@jonfitchdotnet If your not ready to fight shut your $@&%ING mouth! Dana said your not cleared till December.Quit wasting everybody’s time.”

Both men last appeared in action opposite one another and their relationship has gradually deteriorated ever since, with Fitch being openly offended that Penn took a fight with Condit instead of waiting for him to recover to settle their rematch.