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Surprise! Chael Sonnen Sounds Off On Rampage Jackson’s ‘Spygate’ Claims

Chael Sonnen has voiced his displeasure with the entire group of UFC light heavyweights before.

Now, Sonnen, who fights Brian Stann in a middleweight No. 1 contender bout at UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard lll on October 8, has decided to call out Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and his recent spying issues with UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

“It’s silly,” said Sonnen, appearing on The MMA Hour. “That’s why I’m saying this whole thing is ridiculous. Look, I posted my entire training sessions live on the internet at The whole world could log in and watch Yushin (Okami) and I spar. Oscar de la Hoya holds open workout sessions. ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard did this, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson did this. And then some guys like to be private. Floyd Mayweather won’t let you watch him spar. Rand Couture had an open door policy. ‘Come on in.’ Dan Henderson’s got an open door policy. It’s no big deal.

“But it’s all a mental thing. If ‘Rampage’ wants to be Mr. Private, and that’s how he feels better, then let him. Tito (Ortiz) is the same way. Tito doesn’t let guys watch him. I don’t get it. What could you possibly lean? A guy’s got a couple hands, a couple feet and he’s going to use them all in the ring. I don’t know. I truly don’t know. And if you’re opponent wants to worry about you and what you’re going to do, then he’s not thinking about himself and what he’s going to do, and that’s really what matters. So the whole thing was silly, but it was a major opportunity…and the Jones camp ruined it.”

Sonnen believes that Jones’ camp should have played along with Jackson’s claims because it would have been a distraction for Jackson, who meets “Bones” for the title on September 24 at UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage.

“As I understood it, ‘Rampage’ actually canceled a workout over this whole thing,” Sonnen said. “He puts out, ‘Oh man, my hand’s hurt.’ This was his way of pulling the mole out. He actually skips the workout to see if that information gets back. It does come back to him. If you’re Jon Jones, why would you not keep that going? Why would you possibly stop that?”

Sonnen was also quite negative towards Malki Kawa, Jones’ manager, who denied the spying claims.

“And then he breaks the cardinal rule and says ‘Rampage’ is just hyping a fight. Well, gee Malki, if he is, and you’re part of the fight, why would you stop him? You stupid son of a…I would have fired him for using the word ‘hype.’ Jon Jones needs to silence that guy and keep him out of the media. He does not have the rhetorical skills or PR training to speak on this level.”