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Jon Fitch Will Not Be Opponent For B.J. Penn At UFC 137

According to UFC President Dana White, Jon Fitch will not be facing B.J. Penn at UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Condit.

Penn was originally scheduled to meet Carlos Condit, but Condit (27-5) was removed from the fight and placed in a welterweight championship match with Georges St-Pierre (22-2) for the October 29 card after Nick Diaz failed to show up for multiple press conferences.

Now, Penn (16-7-2) is left in the dark, awaiting news on his next opponent.

White said that Fitch would not be ready to rematch with Penn, but that they hoped to keep the former lightweight champion on the card.

Fitch and Penn fought to a draw in February, leaving many hoping to see the two square off again.

The comments by White, though, do not line up with what Fitch has had to say regarding a fight with Penn.

“We told the UFC that I’ll be ready and willing to fight either B.J. Penn or Nick Diaz,” Fitch told MMA Nation Wednesday.

White told, “I’m working on that now. If I told you what I want to do with that fight you guys would flip out, so we’ll see what happens. I’ll tell you if I can get it done.”