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Greg Jackson Won’t Be Working With GSP Or Condit Ahead Of UFC 137

It was just announced today that, as a result of Nick Diaz’s unwillingness to promote his UFC 137 fight with UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, Carlos Condit will be stepping up to face the champ in his place.

A bout between Condit and GSP has been discussed for some time, mainly because the two fighters both train under renowned MMA guru Greg Jackson, who has always encouraged his charges not to face one another. In recent years, it has become clear that teammates will simply not be able to avoid facing one another forever, especially when one of them holds the belt and, following the Rashad Evans-Jon Jones controversy that blew up earlier this year, Jackson now has a protocol for dealing with such a situation.

“Teammate protocols are pretty clear in this situation so everybody knows what happening,” Jackson told’s Ariel Helwani. “I step out, the other coaches — John [Danaher], Phil [Nurse] and Firas [Zahabi] — will take care of GSP and probably [Mike] Winkeljohn and some of the other guys here will take care of Carlos. But I step out of it, so I won’t be cornering either guy. They’ll fight each other. Those are the new teammate protocols. We knew this would be coming — it will probably be coming again –but this time we are very well prepared.”

Jackson told Helwani that, while he’ll be in attendance at UFC 137 to corner several of his other pupils, he’ll be doing his best to avert his eyes from the night’s main event, a battle between two of his friends and students.

“I’ll be there because Donald Cerrone is fighting that night, Eliot Marshall … I got, like, four other guys. I’ll be there, but hopefully I’ll duck out before the main event,” he said. “It’s just not something I want to watch. That’s their business. Sometimes brothers got to fight and it will be what it is and everything will be good again. They’re both really stellar, standup guys. You know, Georges, I cannot say enough good things about him. Not only Georges St-Pierre the fighter but Georges St-Pierre as a person. That man is phenomenal and the same for Carlos Condit. Such a good guy with a good heart. They’re going to have a great dust up, I hope they get Fight of the Night and then they can feed their families.”