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“UFC 137: St-Pierre Vs. Diaz” Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes And Quotes

The UFC held a press conference today in promotion of the upcoming UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Diaz fight card, which will take place on October 29 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The following are news, notes and quotes from the presser.

-Nick Diaz doesn’t show up to the presser.

-UFC president Dana White says Diaz has missed three booked flights for press appearances and hasn’t gotten in touch with him about it.

-He praises GSP for following through with his media obligations.

-White explains the importance of the press tour and says that even the notoriously difficult Floyd Mayweather promotes his fights.

-In 1600 fights, White has never had a fighter go MIA on media obligations, he reveals that Carlos Condit will step in for Nick Diaz to fight for the title this October as a result of Diaz shirking his duties.

-Condit started crying on the phone when offered the shot at the belt, had to call back later to accept.

-“Diaz is gonna hear on the news that he’s no longer fighting Georges St-Pierre, maybe he’ll call me then.”

-On BJ Penn, who was scheduled to fight Carlos Condit at the event: “I gotta talk to BJ, too. BJ doesn’t know yet either. We’re gonna have one seriously pissed off Hawaiian to deal with too.”

-At first, St-Pierre just hoped that Diaz was okay, because he didn’t know what was going on in his personal life. Now, he sees him as unprofessional for not doing his job. He expresses surprise and shock.

-“I just don’t understand how someone doesn’t show up for an opportunity like this, I just can’t believe it.” St-Pierre on Diaz’s no-show.

-White knew what could have happened when he booked the fight, with Diaz’s reputation for making things difficult, but he didn’t expect this.

-On working with Diaz in the future: “We’ll see what happens.” Thinks he couldn’t handle the pressure of such a high-profile event.

-White wants to keep Penn on the card.

-“I haven’t cut [Diaz] or anything like that yet.” – White.

-Cesar Gracie calls in the middle of the press conference, Dana answers at the podium.

-Gracie apologizes and agrees with White’s decision. He’s embarrassed and said he’s been trying to track Diaz down for days. He’s as confused as anyone.

-St-Pierre admits that he despises pre-fight promotion, but that he does it because it’s part of the job.

-Diaz would have made life-changing money for this fight. “Maybe he folded under the spotlight, man,” said White.