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UFC On FOX Will Also Be Broadcast On Radio

UFC President Dana White made an announcement recently that didn’t cause quite the same media hype as when the UFC signed a television deal with FOX.

While a guest on the Petros and Money radio show, White stated at the first UFC on FOX card will also be broadcast on Fox Sports Radio Network – a first for MMA.

“We’re going to put these fights live on the radio,” White said, “which really hasn’t been done since the old days of television when everyone would sit around and listen to the big fights from MSG. We’re going to bring that back.”

The Fox Sports Radio Network is comprised of almost 400 affiliates, helping branch the UFC out even further. It will provide a way for fans to enjoy the fights if they are on the road and away from a television or their computer, and it also provides an outlet for those that might not already follow the UFC to find a passion for it through the radio.

All of the major sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR, have a large radio presence that dates back many, many decades. With the UFC joining them through the airwaves, it helps make them more relevent in the eyes of mainstream media and the public.

The UFC continues to showcase ways for fans to get results, as they are already a frontrunner in terms of social media and the internet.