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Antonio Silva Gets In A Shot At Chael Sonnen’s Expense

Having been a target of Chael Sonnen’s anti-Brazilian rhetoric himself, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva recently decided to get in his own shots at the Oregonian’s expense.

Sonnen has waged a war of words against pretty much the entire Brazilian MMA scene ever since he decided to cultivate a feud with UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva before their UFC 117 title fight (which he lost via triangle, keep that in mind for later) and the reaction from most Brazilian fighters has been either to take the high road and ignore him, brush his comments off or to react hotly, insulting him or threatening him with physical harm.

Silva, who recently joined Team Nogueira, a favorite target of Sonnen’s, went through Sonnen’s favorite medium to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Yesterday, Sonnen tweeted that he’ll be holding a training seminar in California soon: “I will be doing a seminar at Team Quest in Redding, Ca. on Sept 11th at 9:30am. All are welcome. Join in, or just watch.”

Apparently feeling a bit salty, Silva replied, “@sonnench you will show how to get out of a triangle?”

Of his eleven losses, Sonnen has dropped eight by submission, four of those by triangle choke — three of those triangle chokes were slapped on by Brazilians.