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UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez Happy To Be Headed To FOX

Cain Velasquez had no problems telling the UFC yes when it came to making the switch from headlining a pay-per-view to the main event spot of UFC on FOX.

Velasquez, who will defend his UFC heavyweight title for the first time against Junior dos Santos on the November 12 card, knows that added exposure of being on network television will offset any loss from PPV earnings.

“I was all for it,” Velasquez said. “They told me about it (Thursday night) and wanted to know if I was OK with it. It’s a great opportunity.

“They took care of it (income lost from PPV earnings). They’re telling us we’re going to make so much out of it. It’s all working out, so we’re happy.”

Velasquez, who dethroned Brock Lesnar to capture the title, has been out of action since that match after undergoing rotator-cuff surgery.

“Shoulder’s good. I’ve been training now for two months straight. It feels good. I’m happy with the results of the surgery,” Velasquez said. “The technical part of it, I guess (was the hardest thing to re-adjust to after the surgery). I would just have to get the technique back that I had before the surgery. I just wanted to get back to where I was before the fight in October.”

Being the face of the FOX card, as the championship match is the only one set to be televised for sure, Velasquez knows his potential earnings will increase with the added exposure.

“Pretty much for sponsorships later on. For having that big exposure, people recognize you more. With that comes bigger sponsorships, so hopefully that comes from that fight,” Velasquez said. “For me, it’s all about training and fighting. I would rather do without the attention, but I know it comes with the territory. It’s part of the sport, so you just have to be used to it, I guess.”

The pressure of carrying the UFC’s debut on network television hasn’t been lost on the champion, but he just wants to get inside the cage and take out dos Santos.

“Yeah, I’m happy that they chose our fight. It’s perfect timing. I want everybody on FOX to see my fighting style, to really become a fan of the sport,” Velasquez said. “The way that I throw and the types of fights that dos Santos has, it’s going to do that. We’re going to be the guys that people are going to be looking to.”