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Damacio Page Thankful For New UFC Health Insurance Plan

Damacio Page was forced to pull out of a planned UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage fight against Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto recently.

It is now being reported that Page suffered a neck injury during training and will have to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

Thankfully for Page, and his family, the UFC installed a new medical insurance plan earlier this year that will help fighters cover the cost of medical bills suffered during training, competition and non-training related accidents.

The plan went into effect on June 1 and has been used by several fighters in both the UFC and Strikeforce already.

Page (12-6) has lost his last two fights, falling to Demetrious Johnson and Brian Bowles. He will be keeping the MMA community updated on his progress and recovery, doing a blog on

The UFC health insurance plan, which was underwritten by HCC Insurance Holdings, covers all athletes residing in and outside the U.S. Zuffa has agreed to pay all premiums and will pay for the hospital bills even if the fighter is not scheduled to compete.