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King Mo Wishes MMA Fans Would Do Their Research

Make no mistake, though he is more motivated than most to “get dat paper,” Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal loves the sport of mixed martial arts from a pure competitive standpoint too.

He just wishes the fans would get with the program.

During a recent appearance on Pro MMA Radio, Lawal explained why he often gets frustrated with mixed martial arts fans — namely, the ones that base their opinions on what they’re told and not off of research into MMA’s past, or even the present of its components like kickboxing, wrestling and boxing. Lawal explained why he takes issue with that and the culture of dismissing formerly great fighters after they hit losing skids.

“I love the sport, but I don’t like the culture,” said Lawal. “There’s a lot of fans that aren’t educated and they don’t care to get educated, they’re stupid, man. Good fighters … when they lose? All of the sudden they’re cans. Look at Fedor. He went undefeated for how many years and all of the sudden he lost a few fights and he’s a can, he sucks. You know what I’m saying? C’mon, man. When Michael Jordan signed with the Wizards, did he suck? When Ali got beat by Trevor Berbick, did he suck? A lot of these MMA fans, they don’t understand any other sport. Ask them to name five boxing champions, they probably could name none. Name five top level kickboxers, they probably can’t name none. Name three top international wrestlers. They couldn’t name none. They don’t take time to research top level stuff. They just listen to what the announcers say and don’t take the time to research.”