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Jon Anik Talks ESPN-Dana White Feud

When it was announced earlier this month that the UFC had inked a landmark network broadcast deal with FOX, the news elicited a rash response by major sports news network ESPN. ESPN cancelled a planned interview with White on the “Car Wash,” which elicited an equally rash response from the UFC boss.

“ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX,” White posted to his Twitter page. “They canceled my int next week for UFC Rio. F*k ESPN.”

He added: “Jim Rome is the only good thing about ESPN.”

One of MMA’s most ardent supporters and host of ESPN’s MMA Live, Jon Anik recently spoke with about the brief feud, which has apparently since been ironed out.

“I know Dana White had some disparaging comments to make about ESPN when the FOX deal came out, but I think it has been smoothed over a little bit,” said Anik. “I didn’t harbor any ill will. I understand some of Dana’s frustrations. He wants the UFC to be covered certainly not like the NFL, but he thinks it should get as much love as the NHL or even the NBA does. And for us who believe it’s the best sport in the world, it’s certainly hard to argue with him. I do think there’s going to be an uptick in coverage, and we hope to have Dana back on ‘MMA Live’ soon.”