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Ed Soares Unsure Why Dos Santos Left His Stable

Ed Soares is a well-known MMA manager.

He currently manages fighters such as Anderson Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Lyoto Machida.

And, up until recently, the co-founder of Black House MMA was representing UFC heavyweight contender Junior dos Santos.

Dos Santos, though, announced that he is no longer working with Soares or Jorge Guimaraes, much to the surprise of Soares.

“We’re his managers; we’re not his Dad. I still to this day don’t know really why we’re not working with him anymore. He never really gave us any reasons. Money and fame changes people, and sometimes that happens. He’s got his reasons,” Soares said. “I almost think that’s a better question for you sometime to ask him, because I still really don’t know what happened other than we’re not representing him any more.”

Dos Santos (13-1) will meet Cain Velasquez at UFC 139 in San Jose, California, for the UFC heavyweight title.

Since entering the UFC, dos Santos is undefeated, including a win over Shane Carwin that earned him a shot at Velasquez. He also coached on a season of The Ultimate Fighter.

“I don’t think we could have done a better job with Junior dos Santos than what was done. Nobody knew who he was two-and-a-half years ago, we pretty much got him in the UFC,” Soares said. “Because at first the UFC didn’t want to sign him because he signed with the UFC through another guy, so he had a deal to fight in the UFC and then he went and fought in Brazil and lost. The UFC was really bummed out and basically said, ‘No, we’re not going to sign this guy. He screwed us. He signed with us then went to another event and lost.’

“So we got him back a win and we convinced them let’s get this kid back in. He made a mistake, he was young, he really didn’t understand the whole deal.”

That fight was against Fabricio Werdum, which dos Santos won by knockout at UFC 90. He won his next six fights, including three by TKO or knockout and one by submission.

“We put him in a good fight in the beginning, believed he could beat Fabricio Werdum. He went in there and did that and (we) basically guided his career and fast tracked him to where he is today,” Soares said. “Look at where he’s at. He was on The Ultimate Fighter, which gave him a lot of popularity, and it is what it is.”