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Shane Carwin: Overeem To The UFC Before 2012

The speculation concerning Alistair Overeem’s possible future in the UFC has heated up, with UFC president Dana White coyly admitting over the weekend that he’s been “talking” with The Demolition Man.

Though it remains at this point speculation, UFC heavyweight standout Shane Carwin recently took to The Underground mixed martial arts forum with the inside scoop on whether or not the hulking Dutchman is seriously looking at coming to the world’s biggest and most competitive MMA promotion.

“I had a chance to speak with him at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas (no we were not the big and tall models) and he said that he and Dana were close to a deal and he would likely be in the UFC before 2012,” Carwin revealed of Alistair Overeem. “I think he would make a great addition to the roster.”

The news, which will be grant excitement to most, is absolutely welcome to Shane Carwin. The Engineer got in this sport to test himself against the best, and he sees the UFC’s heavyweight roster as consistently increasing in depth and quality already. The addition of the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion would just make it that much more talent-rich.

“When I decided that I was going to try for the UFC the HWT division was not nearly as stacked as it is today,” he wrote. “The up and coming guys have tons of talent and heart and the top of the division is full of super talented guys. I am excited about all of the potential fights. I have gone to war with many of these guys in my mind and I can’t wait for an opportunity to hit and be ht by them.”

With no opponent yet scheduled for his return to action, if Carwin gets his way, he might just welcome The Reem to the eight-sided cage.