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With Negotiation Re-Opened, Alistair Overeem May Fight Next In The UFC

He’s wanted it for a long time and so have the fans; now, it looks like Alistair Overeem may finally get his chance to compete in the UFC.

Widely considered to be one of the best heavyweights outside of the UFC, Overeem’s future in any Zuffa-owned promotion looked bleak as of late, as he and all of his Golden Glory teammates were released from their contracts (whether they were in the UFC or Strikeforce) over a payment dispute.

Golden Glory quickly agreed to play ball with Zuffa and many of their fighters are back in talks with the world’s biggest MMA promoters — including Overeem.

“We’re talking,” White said at last night’s UFC 134 post-fight press conference. “You guys know how that whole thing went down. Golden Glory was in this position where we couldn’t do business, and they changed their position, which I respect. Now we can do business.”

The situation was essentially that Golden Glory wanted to receive the paychecks for their fighters, while Zuffa won’t do anything other than pay fighters directly. White reiterated that their stance will never change on the issue, even if the world’s best fighters and biggest draws requested it.

“We’re never going to be in a situation where we pay managers and not fighters,” White said. “We pay fighters. Fighters pay managers. We’re never going to be in that situation, no matter who the guy is. Look how many guys from team Black House fight in the UFC. If tomorrow, they said, ‘Hey, listen – you’ve got to pay us and not the fighters,’ we’re going to be in the same situation. It’s not going to happen.”

With the discrepancy now resolved, the door has opened for Overeem — now relieved of his Strikeforce heavyweight belt — to enter into the UFC. When asked if the hulking Dutch striker might make his next appearance in the Octagon, White responded coyly.

“It could.”