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Michael Bisping Starts The TUF Verbal Wars

Michael Bisping is one of the more opinionated fighters in the UFC – and MMA in general.

Bisping, who has won three straight fights inside the Octagon, will be a coach on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, going up against Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

Recently, Bisping conducted a chat on ESPN where he discussed a variety of topics.

“The Count” is making his second appearance on the reality show, which will feature featherweights and bantamweights for the first time.

“I always want to improve in every area. Listen, I’ve scored more stoppages than points in the UFC and I’ve scored three fights of the night. I’m not a one punch guy like Rampage (Quinton Jackson), unfortunately, but I hit plenty hard, believe me,” Bisping said. “What a lot of people don’t know about me is I’m converted south paw, which means my jabbing hand is my power hand. That’s why I’ve caught so many people with jabs and maybe don’t have one punch KO power like someone like Rampage. I’ve stopped 7 of 11 opponents, which isn’t bad for a guy who isn’t able to punch. The guys who have gone the distance with me hardly ever get finished: Matt Hamill, Chris Leben, (Yoshihiro) Akyiama, who have only been stopped once or twice between them in their careers.

“But I always try to finish the fight.”

Bisping scored one of those stoppages his last time out, when he defeated Jorge Rivera via TKO in the second round. That came on the heels of decision wins over Akiyama and Dan Miller.

On his first stint as a coach on TUF, which he also competed on in 2006 and won at light heavyweight, Bisping was part of the ‘U.S. vs. the United Kingdom’ show, going up against Dan Henderson. Henderson won their fight by knockout at UFC 100. Bisping drew the ire of many Americans on the show with his lack of respect for “Hendo” and the U.S. in general.

“I couldn’t really care less to be honest. It used to bother me, but when you coach a team of English against American fighters, you’ve sort of settled to be the villain,” Bisping said. “I’m glad it’s not UK vs. USA this time. I think Miller will come across as an absolute jerk. The main difference for this series is that other than the 1-2 occasions when Dan and I didn’t see eye to eye, we got along fine. Whereas “Mayhem” Miller is a person where if he moved into your neighborhood, the value of your house would go done.”

Bisping and Miller will meet at The Ultimate Fighter Finale in the main event, giving them a chance to improve their exposure from the Spike TV show.

“One of the things that I can’t understand about some fighters is they don’t prepare for three round wars. You have to come expecting that and prepare accordingly,” Bisping said. “That said, this is going to be brutal, one-sided, one-round beat down.”

The finale show takes place on December 3 from Las Vegas. The reality show begins airing on September 21.