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Zuffa Officials Plan To Examine Strikeforce In Early-2012

Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC, will reevaluate Strikeforce in February when the current deal with Showtime expires.

But according to UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, Showtime controls extensions that could take the deal between them and Strikeforce into 2014, leaving Zuffa without much to say.

“At the end of the day, Showtime is contracted to receive a product, and we’re going to keep giving it to them,” Fertitta said. “They want us to do the eight Strikeforce shows, the Challengers shows. We’re going to do no different than what we’ve been doing the last four or five months, since we owned the company; keep delivering great fights and keep that going as long as the contract says, and then, at that time, we’ll re-evalute.”

Many in the MMA world forecasted a closure of Strikeforce from the moment Zuffa purchased the company. Instead, Zuffa has continued to produce, putting on nine shows to date and allowing promoter Scott Coker to remain the figure head.

Rumors of the UFC making Strikeforce a ‘minor league’ system to help develop younger talent that would than be incorporated into the UFC has been discussed for quite some time now, but nothing has ever been made known publicly by anyone involved with Zuffa, the UFC or Strikeforce.

The next Strikeforce card takes place on Showtime September 10 with the semifinals of the heavyweight grand prix.