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Kurt Pellegrino Wants Back In The Cage, But Not In The UFC

Following two consecutive decision losses and a long period of flirting with retirement, UFC lightweight Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino decided to walk away from the sport of MMA to focus on his life as a family man.

It’s been six months since the New Jersey native hung up his gloves to focus on raising his newborn son, but he’s already itching to get back inside the cage. The 32-year-old recently spoke with Crooklyn’s Corner and revealed that he’s strongly considering a return to action.

“I’ve been thinking about fighting again. Kurt Jr. aka ‘The Champ’ is doing amazing,” said Pellegrino of his son. “He’s walking at 4 months, already. He’s cooking and eating his own meals. He’s just amazing for 4 months old. I heard that stuff has never been done before. I’m actually thinking about fighting again, but I don’t know what organization I will come to, and put my fist back in again.”

Once a staple of the UFC’s lightweight division, Pellegrino explained that he isn’t going to be seeking out his old job, that he’d rather fight in smaller promotions where media appearances and the like are unimportant or non-existent.

“Once again, when the champ was born, I asked Joe (Silva) if I could retire and walk away from the sport. Therefore, I ended my contract with the UFC. I greatly appreciate them, but I didn’t think it was my time. My head wasn’t in fighting. It was into raising a family and being there for them,” he said. “They let me leave, which was very nice. I just don’t know if fighting in the UFC is what I want to do right now. It’s not that I don’t want to fight for them. It’s just that fighting for them is a lot of traveling, autograph signing. It’s not just fighting with them. You have to keep up with marketing yourself as a brand, and I have a family. Do I want to come back to fighting? Yes. Do I think the time, right now, for me, is to be in the UFC? No.”

Pellegrino’s last fight came at UFC 128 in Newark, New Jersey on March 19, where he dropped a split decision to Gleison Tibau.