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Dana White: ESPN Feud Has Been Resolved

Last week was a rollercoaster for the UFC, as the promotion announced a landmark broadcasting deal with the FOX network, but seemingly burned bridges with another major sports carrier in ESPN.

White saw a planned appearance on the ESPN program Car Wash cancelled inexplicably as a result of the FOX deal announcement and the notoriously un-bashful promoter took to his Twitter to let the network know just what he thought of them and the slight.

“ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX,” he wrote. “They canceled my interview next week for UFC Rio. F*k ESPN.”

He did add, however, “@JimRome is the only thing good about ESPN”

During a recent appearance on the FOX Sports Radio show Petros & Money, White revealed that whatever issues existed between the UFC and ESPN were a result of someone jumping the gun on their side and have now been completely resolved.

“I was supposed to do the ‘Car Wash’ over at ESPN, but that got yanked,” said White. “It’s been resolved, let’s just put it that way. … We have resolved the issues. Someone was a little reactionary and it got resolved.”