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Forrest Griffin On Fighting For Money, Adjusting To Brazil

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin has always been candid, but it’s been slightly surprising to hear him open up about where his head is currently at in regards to his fighting career.

Once utterly driven to rise to the top of the heap at 205lbs., these days Griffin is fighting because its the career he’s chosen and he’s trying to provide for his family. In a recent blog written for Yahoo! Sports, Griffin explained that the sport “quit being fun when I realized I wasn’t getting better” and that now he’s really only motivated to take care of those he keeps closest.

Griffin reiterated his position in speaking wit

“My parents gotta retire. My wife’s parents gotta retire. My little brother wants to go to college. I’ve got a daughter coming; she’s probably going to want to go to college, and she’s probably not going to be a genius, either. So, gotta make some money,” said Griffin. “A win. Winning pays a lot more than losing. I don’t play it up, but I was poor once, and I’m never going to be poor again. I see people (who say), ‘Oh, I’m poor. That’s why I spend all this money.’ I’m thrifty because I know, [expletive], you never know. Gotta save what you got.”

Considering his new disposition, Griffin is finding it slightly more annoying to adjust to preparation for a major fight while in Brazil. Griffin is scheduled to rematch fellow former champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua this Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro and he isn’t exactly having the easiest time acclimating.

“I can’t read the labels on the food, and I can’t get anybody to cook my sweet potatoes,” he said. “The scale tells me weird numbers. I don’t know what the [expletive] they are. I’ve got to do math every time I get on the scale. You guys don’t have distilled water.”

Griffin and Rua will face off in the co-main event of UFC 134, which will air live from the HSBC Arena. Don’t forget to check back on Saturday night for our live, ongoing coverage of the event.