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Yushin Okami Comments On His Win Over Anderson Silva Heading Into UFC 134

Media members might want to take note this weekend and not ask Yushin Okami about his win over Anderson Silva in 2006.

Okami and Silva will meet in the main event of UFC 134 this Saturday at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Back in ’06, Okami (26-5) was awarded a disqualification win over Silva (30-4) after “The Spider” landed an illegal upkick. The loss was the last one for Silva, who enters with the UFC middleweight title around his waist.

“I won by DQ, but I felt I lost that fight…There was a damage. There is no point to talk about past things so I don’t really care what people say about last fight,” Okami said. “However, that experience made me stronger and as a result I was able to fight in UFC afterwards so I really thank and respect Silva. The word that he says to that I was dressed in damage last is past. I am not dressed. This time I will fight with respect and it will be a chance to show who’s the best.”

Silva has said in previous interviews that Okami showed no respect for fighting by taking the DQ win, stating, “I’m not the one who was knocked out.”

Okami can become the first UFC Japanese champion by toppling Silva this weekend, something he doesn’t take lightly.

“I always feel the pressure, but t his time is a championship, a lot of fans are cheering for me. It’s giving me a lot of power to prepare for the fight and I’m highly motivated,” Okami said. “I want to change all of the expectations to positive pressure. I must not compromise in any point and prepare for August 27. I want all of my fans to enjoy the fight and my peak performance.”

“Thunder” has won his last three fights and six of his last seven, with the lone loss coming to Chael Sonnen. He has been training with Sonnen, who gave Silva all he could handle last year.