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Dana White And Bob Arum Continue To Trade Verbal Jabs

If you ask boxing promoter Bob Arum, the UFC signing with FOX really isn’t that important.

Arum, who has an important match planned for November 12 – the same night as the debut of UFC on FOX – between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, doesn’t feel like the MMA giant presents much competition.

“There is no competition. If FOX was to put on a top movie that night, it might be more competition,” said Arum, during an interview with boxing columnist Dan Rafael. “If FOX put on Manchester United that night, it would be more competition.”

UFC President Dana White responded through Yahoo! Sports writer Kevin Iole as only he can.

“Bob Arum is a jealous moron,” White said. “Bob Arum has the ability to do great things for the sport of boxing. I don’t know if he wasn’t smart enough to do what we did or whatever, but when we first came out with this thing, this guy laughed at us. He said how stupid the Ferittas were and that this thing was ridiculous and it would never be a sport.

“Now, all he does is run around (expletive) and complaining about it. You had the ability, Bob Arum, to make boxing great. But the problem was, you were greedy. You’re a greedy pig, just like all the other guys who were involved in boxing. All you ever did was try to rip money out of it.”

The feud between Arum and White began back in 2007, when White said Arum was, “sucking the life out of the sport (boxing) and not putting anything back in.”

Arum, in 2009, called UFC fans, “skinhead white guys,” and described White as, “nuts,” and, “a little too much of a loose cannon.”

Lorenzo Fertitta has said that the UFC on FOX show will ended well before Pacquiao even begins to head to the ring, allowing fight fans to enjoy both shows in the same night.